V.Zavadkaya: Always hesitated that the kidnapping son povinet Ignatovitch

Former Special Forces officer "Diamond" Valery Ignatovich fifth year holds in Zhodinskaya bullpen in the chamber for a lifetime prisoners. For his role in the abduction of Dmitry Zavadsky Ihnatovich sentenced to 10 years, also recognized guilty of other serious sins — and in the end he got the indefinite imprisonment.
"Waiting to get me absolutely justified, and declare his own innocence to the atrocities in which I was accused, wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. I absolutely innocent" — wrote in an open letter Ignatovitch Alexander Lukashenko.
This letter was in the media after the meeting concluded with nedavneshney dad. Father of former policeman said that the offspring in a very bad state, "I do not even holding a spoon."
Could there be a miscarriage of justice in the case of the abduction of Dmitry Zavadsky?
Mom journalist Olga Zavadskaja reiterates that guilt Ihnatovich in the abduction of her son in court had not substantiated.
"Moreover, even their involvement in the abduction looked unconvincing — or where, or how. On the road or at the airport? And then suddenly there was this shovel."
But as for evidence of other crimes, in including kills business, Olga Zavadskaja guilt Ihnatovich not exclude.
Pahanyajla Harry, who was the patron interests Olga Zawadzka, recalls that in fact there are only two things that the tribunal considered confirmation of guilt and his accomplices Ihnatovich Misha Malik Zavadsky’s abduction.
This is what "a person of similar Malik, beheld the house of journalist", and the second confirmation — shovel "with a piece of organic matter, which belonged Zavadsky."
Mom Misha Malik Valentine believes that shovel in the car, which drove Ignatovich and her son, were planted:
"She planted it accurately. After inspecting the car earlier times, and did not find a shovel."
Harry Pahanyajla recalled that the tribunal is one hundred percent justified Ihnatovich one episode about the murder:
"Even when Supreme Tribunal rejected the accusation of murder Nasibavyh family from Azerbaijan whereby was pretty direct evidence, I believe that between the investigation and the tribunal could be a contract. About to throw something, anything to stay, and that’s how shaky condemned for kidnapping Zavadsky Ignatovich and Malik. "
Harry reminded Pahanyajla recognizable fact: during the investigation into the chamber, where he remained Valery Ignatovich, came to meet him Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov, who in the midst of the 1990s commanded "Diamond", where he served Ignatovitch.
Harry Pahanyajla not exclude that Ihnatovich declined to take the blame for the kidnapping Zavadsky for it promised to save lives.
"Maybe because the tribunal and acquitted on some Ihnatovich killings because it differently needed giving execution "- human rights activist said.
Lee said Alexander Lukashenko’s letter Valery Ignatovich? Almazovets last longer first time refers to head of the country, but so far without result.
Recall the case of the disappearance of ORT cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky brought the summer of 2000. Alexander Lukashenko referred Dmitry Zavadsky your friends and promised todo, that journalists have found.
A few months later were arrested Valery Ignatovich and his accomplices Malik, Goose and Savushkin. Through two years Tribunal found Ignatovich and Malik guilty of kidnapping and holding his Zavadsky in captivity, but the journalist did not find.
Opposition in Belarus believes that Zavadsky was the victim of the authorities made "death squad" that destroyed opponents current political regime.
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