Vasil Bykov regime in Belarus seriously and permanently installed

"Free Belarus" in 1917 reports from Ukraine: "The general has Sekretaryyat days of issue of the circular on the occasion of the fact that some institutions shall be removed to realize business papers, written in Ukrainian. Circular will be shown that the Ukrainian language in Ukraine have municipal and because all municipal institutions must do their delavodtva on Ukrainian prophesy. true that Ukrainian delavodtva should be carried out in any moment, and uniformly pavedlug how this may be at tsiperashnim state Ukrainian language skills bureaucrats. "
"Lim" in 1957 with the review introduces the play "Light from the East" in the theater Kolas: "In his first picture appears on stage Lenin. This is consistent internal structure of the play, its essence. Specifically and submitted the beginning of active revolutionary action the working class in Belarus … O.Trusov to find some external similarities and inherent Vladimir Ilyich movement and intonation tends possible clearly convey to the viewer Leninist word filled with inspiring content and the deepest sense. "
"Belarusian Business Newspaper" in 1997 provides word Vasil Bykov, who writes: "The regime in Belarus is set" seriously and permanently, "this power to any business, no matter what human rights not attention given. And then basically, that are independent media had no unnecessary illusions survive using compromises. Now unspoken truth can never remain unspoken. This is necessary to keep in mind for those who have a voice, who do not numb to this carnivorous time. And while there is someone to listen. "

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