VELIKOBRATANIE: the denial of self …

After all the tricks already described the English — another news: Christian demoted for criticizing sodomy. British Christian Adrian Smith, a member of the Evangelical Church, seeing the BBC news titled «Gay church" marriages "get go-ahead» (religious marriage for gays would be allowed), wrote on his personal page on Facebook: "Equality has gone too far." The article to which he referred, told me that the British government plans to lift the ban on gay couples wedding in the church. Smith wrote: "I do not understand why people who have no faith and do not believe in Christ, they want to receive the blessing of the church. The Bible is specific and suggests that marriage occurs only between a man and a woman. If the state wants to offer civil marriages to the registration of the same sex, then it may do so at their institutions, but the state should not impose its rules on places of faith and conscience. " Following a disciplinary meeting manager Smith stripped senior position, moved to a lower position, and his salary was drastically reduced. Layoffs avoided only thanks to a long and successful service of Smith in the company. This is of course, their, the British case, but they have direct relevance to us: Anglo-Saxon model of political structure CLAIM TO RULE IN THE WORLD … And, of course, need to realize that choosing a "life in the West," we choose the future of themselves, and not west …

Anglo-Saxon political culture gave rise to extremely bad climate of England and the centuries-old slavery of indigenous peoples under the yoke of foreign, foreign language and foreign invaders. If Russia got rid of Mongol rule by force of arms and formed its political culture on the ruins of the hordes of invaders, the British purifying fire Kulikov field and have not known. Dozens of generations of British grown in ethnic bondage Normans: retribution Normans were not, and repentance from them no one came. Hence the dissipation of Anglo-Saxon politkulturoy worldwide ethno-nihilistic concept of contempt for ethnic.

The main feature of England that she had fled from the British — were running desperately, for most of its history. They ran anywhere, but would not stay at home. Trusting such a State and such a nation with such a political culture shape the future of humanity — to put it mildly, strange. Waning man with complexes and vengeance should not even be elected to the arbitrators. We're talking today about the passing of Anglo-Saxon political thinking in a global, to which all are required to reconcile the political clock …

The fact that England — this two-layer state, like the building, the walls of which stood on the foundation of the original building. The power of the Normans in England was based solely on brute and a foreign military force. By the 1080th years the radical Anglo-Saxon aristocracy was completely destroyed as a social layer and replaced with foreign chivalry. In this case, the people, as an ethnic slave remained. His language was left out of the scope of management, and the language of administration and communication of the ruling social classes became a Norman dialect of French. About three hundred years of Anglo-Norman dialect prevailed in the country and had a great influence on the formation of the modern English language. The Church of England — in fact, Catholicism, Pope re-subordination of the King as the PA — an example of the most shameless mockery of religion, religion, political prostitution and abuse of people's souls.

Gone was the national power structure of the Anglo-Saxons (heating elements), and formed a fascist in essence a new ruling class "gentlemen settlers' has complete power over the peasants of other nationality. From this total went to the English tradition of mercenaries: the English of the country was not because of high patriotic feelings and take it nowhere. They generally like people was not taken. They were run like an animal — a whip and a piece of sugar. If they could not get something done by force, then beckon coin. This formed the basis of the English version of the future of capitalism, brutal, and at the same time extremely corrupt.

Largely because of the British political culture is pathologically mendacious. In other cultures, the name of the political process and the contents are usually the same. [1] For example, the king gave Russia a rather limited electoral law — but only because he was going to REALLY obey the law. At the King of the State Duma were the workers, peasants and petty tradesmen, and journalists who spoiled his blood.

Anglo-Saxons did not cost anything and it is not necessary to declare the unlimited democracy, while introducing an all-out tyranny. For them there is no problem to declare the most universal and democratic elections, because there is no problem to simulate an elective procedure and put in Parliament some minions authorities allegedly "publicly-elected."

The falsity of the Anglo-Saxon tradition of great help to pose as "the torch of popular sovereignty," because — if the advance is not intended to honor promises, be free to distribute any of the most beautiful and bright promise. You can proclaim the fullest freedom and to introduce the most democratic laws, if not talking about their real performance [2].

After all, the English "free" parliament or even the "free" U.S. Congress is in session for some reason always loyal to the people of power, and the English or American juries never justify their counterparts Zasulich.

In the "bloody despotism" as the Anglophiles in Russia corporal punishment completely disappeared, as a measure of criminal punishment, already in 1904. But in Norway, corporal punishment was abolished only in 1936, in England — in 1948. In England, during the period of "fencing" in vogue chlenovreditelskie penalties that have been applied in accordance with the "Bloody legislation" to the poor and the beggars (in Russian only to the thieves and political criminals — see the difference — injure deliberately embarked on the path of crime — or just poor who have lost their place in life). English fleet (based on the British armed forces) were flogged until 1906 — and then got scared of the Russian Revolution.

Spanking in English schools was abolished only in 1987 — it's hard to believe, is not it? But today, many of the contemporary British parents questioned whether it was a smart move. In the remaining private schools corporal punishment is abolished later — in 1999 in England and Wales in 2000 to year — in Scotland. In 2003, the school canceled the rod in Northern Ireland.

June 6, 2012 Independent reported that British-parents supported corporal punishment in schools. 49% of British parents would like to go back in the days when schools are permitted corporal punishment!

Falsity of the Anglo-Saxon law implies its extreme formalizm.Tolko Anglo-Saxons may be a situation of legal and illegal immorality moral action. If you take no laws to live by them, but only in order to simulate a condition to the show in the fight against geopolitical rivals, if you are caught up to his neck in "Belgorod kissels" and "Potemkin villages" — then, Of course, the law is there Otvyazny from living life itself as a robot, unaware of the meaning of their program.

British society and way of thinking is extremely cynical, formed as a complete subjugation of the indigenous peoples had aristocrats conquerors. [3] All anglichanana behavior based on violence or bribery. Other motivations English lifestyle does not recognize. And around the world imposes a flawed understanding of the motives for action! In this case, for some time it is combined with unbridled lie on the living standards in the Anglo-Saxon political tradition.

It began overstatement of the Anglo-Saxon life and understating the level of all the other far yesterday. Lied — because the owners position was profitable lie, and slaves had no right to vote. In "Condition of the Working Class in England"And in" Capital "Marx and Engels draw Englishman working life. "When people put into a position worthy of only the animal, they have nothing more to do but to or rebel against it, or actually make the animal" (F. Engels, "Condition of the Working Class in England," page 147). "The immorality of young people in Sheffield,-writes Engels, it seems more than anywhere else, but it is difficult to say which city deserved superiority in this respect, on which city to read the report, it seems that he deserved the palm tree the championship. " "According to the testimony of all witnesses, early promiscuity and prostitution, which often deal with teenagers as early as 14 — 15 years old, is in Sheffield extremely frequent" (F. Engels, ibid, pp. 223-229).

British reproached us baseman poverty, and where they themselves began operating before our female and child labor. "The service at factory-Engels writes — as any other, if not more, is connected with the right pervoy'nochi host, which, however, is self-evident. In this respect, manufacturer power over the body of their workers. Dismissal is a sufficient threat that 9 times out of 10, if not 99 out of 100, to win all resistance girl who is already not too cherishes her chastity. If the manufacturer is low enough for it (and the commission's report tells of many such Fabricant), its factory is at the same time his harem … ("Condition of the Working Class in England").

In Russian, how many do not curse the serfdom was not like this, not only at the time, but a hundred years later. Just over a year after the German attack on the Soviet Union, which gave the Germans the opportunity to see the Soviet soldiers and herded into Germany Soviet slaves in Berlin paper appeared [4]: "In sexually Ostarbaiter, especially women, are showing a healthy restraint. For example, at the "Lauth-Werke" "(city Zentenberg) appeared 9 births and 50 more are expected. All but two are the children of married couples. And while in the same room sleeping 6 to 8 families, there is no general debauchery. For a similar situation is reported from Kiel: "Generally speaking, Russian woman in a sexual relation is not consistent with the concept of German propaganda. Sexual debauchery she did not know. In various districts of the population says that during a general medical examination eastern workers all the girls has been set yet preserved her virginity. "

These findings are supported by the report of Breslau: "Factory film" Wolfen "reports that during the medical examination at the company found that 90% of eastern workers aged between 17 and 29 years were chaste. According to the representatives of various German, it seems that the Russian man pays due attention to the Russian woman, which ultimately is reflected also in the moral aspects of life. "

But by 1942, has already gone through and Russian wild capitalism and unbridled revolution with its theories of "glass of water" and the terrible shocks lean years. However, not only below the English, but even at their level in 1849 did not fall! However, English is considered to be a clue that in 1849 the level of Russian life was several times (!) Lower standard of living Englishman.

What is England? It took away from their bottoms not only freedom as the Russian serfdom, but in general all human. Marx and Engels showed in detail how to work together Englishmen of all ages of both sexes at the factory, night work, etc. fatally affect their morality: "Rooming people of both sexes and of all ages in the same workshop, the inevitable convergence between them, congestion people who have not received any Intellectual and Moral Education in a confined space, all this may not have a favorable impact on the development of the female character "(F. Engels," Condition of the Working Class in England ", p 163-174).

In one of the notes of "Capital" Marx quotes the following from the report of internationality Statistical Congress in Paris: "In addition to the" destructive effects of night work on the human body "is celebrated as" the fatal influence of the night co-host of both sexes in the same poorly-lit 'workshops' ( "Capital", Vol I, 8th Ed., page 221, note). Also, the living conditions of large cities, overcrowding, overflowing dwellings adversely affect the character of the proletariat. Marx quotes the following words of Dr. Simon: "… it (the overflow housing) is almost inevitably leads to a denial of all decency, such a dirty mix of bodies and physical items, such nakedness of the sexes, that all of this is animal, not human nature" ("Capital ", Vol I, 8th ed. on page 526).

"Many, without undressing, sleeping without a bed on the bare floor, young men and women, married and unmarried indiscriminately, crowded together" ("Capital", Vol I, 8th Ed., Page 529). "Pointing out that, as far as is often the case that adults of both sexes, married and unmarried, are crammed together (huddled) in cramped bedrooms, their reports were to lead to the conclusion that under the above circumstances, a sense of shame and decency most flagrantly violated, and that the morality is destroyed almost inevitable "(" Capital ", Vol I, 8th Ed., page 549).

In his first volume of "Capital" are the words of Dr. Hunter'a: «We must be bold prophet to predict everything that can be expected from children, to-rye under conditions unparalleled in this country (England), education is now being prepared for what they will become members of the dangerous classes-educated, spending up to midnight with people of different ages, drunken, obscene and grumpy. "

The British and Americans have always overstate and overestimate their standard of living sometimes in a few times to splurge and successfully conquer other nations. Americans, for example, to improve the performance of the national consumption of over-monetization of relationships, and the caption "square meters of living space," making any barn or shed, without any indication of the thickness of the walls. At the end, 90 m. m and boast the world.

It is not true that the Anglo-Saxon ideology that their social thought through a really pragmatic, that in addition to the money, it did not care. Slavery and slush Albion created a very intricate political philosophy. The behavior of the British and the Americans on the world stage — it looks reaction spiritual belching entrenched deep underground a notorious outcast who can not cope with the stress experienced after meeting with the world.

Today English fanaticism is no longer conceal himself, the doctrine of spilled once all the political sound-amplifying devices, thousands of voices began to speak — in Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.

We heard at last the truth. Like it or someone does not like it — is another matter. But it consists in the fact that the Anglo-Saxon political tradition firmly on the anti-democratic, anti-human positions. She prostituted any elective procedure, cynically faking the needs of the upper any vote. We know that she admires the social Darwinism that her idea of cute British era "enclosures" ("to the sheep eaten by the people") and that she does not feel false shame in the application of repressive measures against their ideological and political opponents all over the world do not settle with his (false-declarative) or with someone else's legitimacy.

The knowledge of this truth is useful both to those who cultivate peace of conformity within the country and those who have cultivated a pragmatic approach to the West in the spirit of realpolitik. The Anglo-Saxon mind — it is a look at the crippled healthy people frolicking in the gloomy and dark basement where the crippled fiercely invent guns and poisons, with one purpose — to avenge lucky for his crippled life. Often a cripple, reinforced by long technical quests in a certain direction is stronger than the narrow carefree merry, carefree conducting dances.

Norman conquest, all predestined fate of England, formed a stable complex of the British nation for centuries vpisyvaemoey in low-prestige, and uncomfortable for her state order on the rights of the ethnic group of the "second class". English language with its array of sizzling sounds — the language of scurvy, the language of toothless people: climatic conditions and extreme poverty led to the fact that most of the people for many centuries there were no teeth, they fell from malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. Hence, all these English "-Sins" and "- tfhs-'. Experienced English teacher advised to practice pronunciation, providing that you have a mouth full of porridge. However, this pronunciation is not formed from the porridge, but rather the lack of it in your mouth for dozens of generations.

The English-rapists before the Normans formed two main qualities: laziness crafty slave, immediately cease to exist without a stick overseer [5], and the urge to escape. English kingdom scattered from their king. The British were running anywhere — even to scalp the Indians, even to the Australian cannibals — if only to get away from the island, where they are accustomed to see in common consumables.

World English diaspora from New Zealand to Canada — a clear proof of the agonizing torment which were fugitives home. An insult to the Englishman in his home country and has given rise to that surprising, brutal cruelty with which the Englishman spoke with other people in all parts of the world. A slave who escaped from the slave-owner, brought with him manners and attitudes learned from the old master. Becoming the master of himself, he tried to copy their patterns of cruel, inhuman society.

A deep-seated inferiority complex in the Anglo-Saxon toothless slave generates its compensatory hyper-aggressive, self-conceit, the desire to prove their superiority throughout. For centuries, working on "retaliation", a nation of psychological cripples extremely disadvantaged and defective people developed techniques and methods of the power struggle, a notorious British ascended to the heights of world power.

It's scary. We are in a state of unprecedented global cultural counter-revolution. Subject to audit more than Soviet socialism and even pink social democracy. At issue was a choice Christian civilization as such. To the revision of the cultural and political paradigm, in which humanity has come to space and to the atom.

By talking about the destructive nature of Bolshevism and fascism ruling elite of the world, compiled by the Jews and the Anglo-Saxons, podgotavlivat revolution itself, at times more devastating than the Bolshevik revolution. This revolution threatens to shake the world to its foundations, turning it into a "big England" since the Puritan Cromwell "enclosures".

This is not only revenge "deprived" of the English nation, as in the epoch of the British colonial empire, or the "underdog" of the class, as in the days of the English bourgeois revolution. This is revenge "underdog" man-hating culture of Calvinism, displaced to the margins of history, compressed to the size of the "black hole" savage cannibalism, but not vanished without dissolving into nothingness, and the hide and is now ready to draw in all of humanity. Thoughts and feelings of Calvinists and Puritans settled down and ready for use.

Our government wittingly or unwittingly pushes Russia into this "black hole." With one hand she condones aggression raging ignorance, like shares of "Pussy Riot", attacking any pockets of cultural and spiritual growth. The other hand, she terrorizes all those who try to resist the aggression.

As in England and disenfranchised people zatyukali terror part bullied, part of the bribe. The Anglo-Saxon model of humanity struck immunodeficiency syndrome.

Now we see the world the global political and economic crisis and the Anglo-Saxon model of Jewish life. Imposed on the world, this way of life, in fact, sublimated in special diabolical Technology Location disadvantaged, crippled people overpressure people mentally and morally valuable and therefore, alas, carelessness. Merry fellow when he laughs, once plots weave, but the cripple, obsessed misanthropy, thinking only of revenge — is becoming a master of intrigue behind the scenes. Here, as elsewhere — it is all a question of fitness.

And what revenge? Just for harmony, for the symphony of powers, for completeness and self-sufficiency. And the British and the Jews — psychological cripples who are taking revenge for its long historical inferiority, having seized upon by cunning conspiracy to cripple the arms of the planetary government. "Now, you are happy, you are happy you having fun — come to know the hard way what it was like us!" — That's the main motive of the Anglo-Jewish kulturtregerstva clearly smelling sulfur Satanism.

Liberalism — a system where by fierce competition and the global fight some other people have to eat, of course, gives the Anglo-Saxon elite poverty of philosophy that behind the facade of nice words hide and conceal paucity of scientific and philosophical thought and the perversion of the moral sense.

That is why the time when the policy of the world formed a Christianized mind striving for the good end of it. It ended the time, expressed words of NI Vavilov — "grow two ear where one grew before." It's time to T.Maltusa (Anglican priest!), Who demanded to deprive the two weaklings ear where previously selected one. And for the times rabid Malthusian (Midsomer Murders!) Occurs when the subconscious is, if it does not, and the unconscious.

Modern anglosaskonskoe subconscious formed generic shock the English state, provincial fear of the English before the Norman open them with the sword, and so seemingly hostile world. Anglo-Saxon and his offspring — a deep undercurrent of Americans suffer from an inferiority complex, which he tries to drown out the defiant rudeness and braggadocio, famous on the planet.


[1] This, too, began with the Normans. The very Norman conquest was accompanied not only by mass abuses and illegal occupation of land, but also a sharp parallel increase in fake paper trial, which has become an instrument of royal power in the manipulation of land and social relations in the country.

[2] According to the authoritative testimony of Lord Byron, in England, the "birthplace of the rule of law" is really valued human life "cheaper stocking." Contempt elite conquerors to the conquered slaves, foreigners expressed over the centuries is that thing, object, private property was worth in the eyes of their larger than life. Therefore, in England for many centuries even hanged for petty theft and svermelkie, even stealing out of need and hunger. In England, hanged for what in Russia is perhaps the thief, would add a charity …

[3] The outstanding novelist XIX century V.A.Sollogub very clear diagnoses liberal "freedom", "The Germans are the French so sorry for our peasant: Martyr de! — Say, as you see, martyr something healthier sytee and quite a few others. Au them … man it is certainly a hard worker: to pay for everything: both for water and for land, and for the house and for the pond, and over the air, and all that is possible to tear off. Pay careful: hunger, fire — and you will still pay, you rascal! You're a free man: not that pushed on necks, die with the children, where you know … we do not care. "Russian landowner Sologub describes this way:" My first rule — that the guy was all in good repair. Fell from a horse — a horse for you, pay little by little. He does not have a cow — take a cow — the money will not be wasted. The main thing — do not run. Not long so upset property that is not correct because the strength. " Russian writers of the famous Russophobe, the man whose testimony is valuable even if that suspect him of "varnishing Russian reality" impossible — R.Payps. After working for a huge number of sources, he concluded that since the middle of the XVIII century and until the abolition of serfdom and the landowner and peasant were relatively prosperous. Data Pipes "did not confirm the general picture of suffering and oppression, mostly gleaned from the literature." In this case, the atrocities of the English kings repeatedly exceeded the atrocities of Ivan the Terrible, despite the fact that, unlike the Terrible kings did not have a shadow of remorse …

[4] Report of the Chief of the Security Police and SD. Control III. Berlin, August 17, 1942 SE II Prince Albrechtstrasse, 8. Copies. Number 41. Secret! Personally. Nemedlenno1 report. Reports from the Empire number 309.

[5] British soldier has always permeated with the spirit of mercenaries, easily surrenders if was surrounded. In the Crimean War the British are very surprised that the Russian soldiers, losing an officer choose the "older" and continue to resist. In the British military unit — if the officer killed — soldiers immediately cease fighting.

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