Veremeyko: Around it all falls apart, pull …

The situation in Veremeyko estimated to be "stashed explosion." In the summer the locals twice blocked the road to the village of Mogilev unnecessary guests.
There were manyNumerical complaint in court. Meeting at which senior bureaucrats came. Wife of former director svinakompleksu Valentine Ivitskaya I even said angrily:
Ivitskaya: "Do not give for you to write!"
Situation with agrotown in independent print called exemplary with a minus sign.
First "look into the mists of time," as I said ironically local ethnographer, teacher Viktor Lukashenko. He said that local traditions pig come from the middle of the XVI century, when there was a settlement.
Lukashenka: "There were two fairs in Veremeyko where only sold pigs We have found recipes that only developed here. There are features of fat storage for a long period — in the land with the help of vegetables. Piece of crap we had always! (Laughs) "
Middle of the 80s of the last century in Veremeyko built according to Russian gigantomania, svinakompleks as much as 54 thousand heads. The principle was simple feeding pigs — for eight months to bring the weight up to 112 kg each. Reversing a decade passed away up to 5 thousand tons of meat per year. Worked here almost all residents over polutoratysyachny village.
Pros and cons of estimates last director Victor Stranchanka. He is one of the founders, led to the complex early 1990s.
Stranchanka "feature Italian technology — up to 30 days contain svinamatku as farrowing, personally. This gave the highest percentage plodnastsi — and eight, and ten to twelve piglets. This was a revolutionary step in the pig Belarus.
Big drawback — provided Driveable system that collects all of the pus vasyamnatsatstsi buildings all connected in common ponds, and then on the field. After going drains, dirty chemicals that affect the quality of products … "
Welfare economy suspended bureaucracy. In 1986, according to the decree of the Central Committee of the PBC svinakompleksu violence given 1,000 acres of land — Tipo for feeding feed. But without the equipment and fertilizers. With all this economy losing independence, became the fifth farm farm "drummer".
This was the beginning of the collapse, says Stranchanka.
Stranchanka "Gone looting appliances, building materials, spare parts. All feed was already in the warehouses of the farm. Meat went left — engaged in the implementation of the farm" Drummer ".
First century because of violations of the technology, staffing configurations, and also more expensive fodder energoelementov creation meat halved. "Drummer" went bankrupt, leaving the emerging farm-factory "Bright" half-billion debt.
In such criteria and appeared last year in Veremeyko agrogorodok. New management has offered to transfer agricultural svinakompleks Mogilev, ckaratsivshy frames and This year deprived of aid workers and benefits. This gave rise to an explosion.
Thirty knows favorite spontaneous strike committee member BSDG "Hulk", now the last worker Razhdestsvenski complex novel.
Razhdestsvenski: "It became clear that five hundred workers had to stay 50. Motivate that the company can work with fewer people.’s Not true — because they planned to reduce the sewage treatment plant 30 thousand heads, could be for the district environmental tragedy."
Every fourth, only according to official statistics, in the village was unemployed. The novel continues:
Razhdestsvenski: "No one has bothered to upgrade what has been, to provide residents with jobs. Apply to the executive committee. Shangelskaya Came Mary, Deputy Chairman — say, there is a possibility to get in Cherikov although ticket there and back costs 5 thousand. Cherikov rayonka published job — choreographer, an anesthesiologist. "
It’s those days verameytsy constant vigil organized on the road to block the arrival Director Mogilev plant bakeries Ivanov, says the source.
Razhdestsvenski: "For their complexes — market. Poop Regional vertical forces take in Mogilev. Ivanov could not understand what rebels:" I have already dismissed nine people! "While in the village to find work is unreal. This machine is forcing people to leave here on earnings in "brotherly" Russia, which sees us as a working cattle. "
Roman knows than readst, he was nearly killed in the calculation in Odintsovo near Moscow, which once went into earnings.
Meanwhile Administration changed its strategy. In a conversation with me svinakompleksu director Anatoly Kapashylav Tipo celebrated victory.
"The increase in production 123%. Last year 30 thousand livestock, now I 39 thousand. 421 tyscha wages. Debts — 14 billion left me three. You do not listen to the manager, and listen to illegal newspaper and informals"
The situation following local correspondent of the newspaper "Free City" Lyudmila Sharaburka.
Sharaburka: "Very tricky: first bus to shorten the working of Cherikov, others do not extend a contract. After — cancellation of five or six pounds of meat that gave workers a delay and reduction in salary. And people began to quit. Nobody took. And the neighbor did and his work, and the other by the same means. Would you — catch a ride on the pavement … "
In the near future, they say my interlocutors on svinakomplekse obvious crime began to flourish.
Sharaburka "began arriving trucks Slaughter — eighty heads dumped meat without documents. They say being transported to Russia. And nobody can say nothing — go" to the asphalt. "At night stealing 10 pigs, 30 kg of any that were prepared in the group fattening. Moreover, they had to pick squeals, and then no one heard — out, injections did.
For the kind of fired 2-boys working at a checkpoint race. Changed Chiefs — Kalmaeva on Kapashylava. Came with promises — you are right, for you to treat badly. And he built a sauna, a new parking garage. And his first purchase — brand new "Chevrolet Niva", which flew him and his wife throughout the area.
After the "Niva" for an agronomist who had "UAZ" cars for zavgara — if not for that feed the pigs, to pay wages. "
Novel: "The traditional situation: everything is falling apart around the draw. Chairman of the Executive Committee Kodatenko reads:" I’m not an investigator, what can I do? "Police:" Let’s numbers, facts. "
One thing is clear: the policy will not change to the economy, so it will not be fast. I often comes to mind the story the movie "The Octopus." There mafia fought with the state. We have long since they merged. "
Decline in Veremeyko and local "social sphere". 51-year-old employee of Social Protection Ms. Penkovskiy human rights activist said here.
She irrepressible — no outrage not hide from it. It is said that only when there ladies bureaucrats run — Tamara does not choose words.
Penkovskaya: "agro-towns are not made for people. On the industrial area we ladies, thirty or forty years. Ammonium zone exceeds the rate of working by hand — for hauling cars for themselves 50 kg. Gryazyuka In my heart, poor sanitation, water rusty. Roofs annual mend once a year flow. gryazyuka In the doorways, water.
Of housing and communal services sent me a paper that will change the pipe in 2007 — as flowing and flowing. Heating comes to whom, to whom not. Making the town laid money on ostentatious cement board.
The Government has given 3 billion rubles, but they say in public utilities that have not received a penny. Destroyed contribution — three or four years in people wasof about three hundred cattle, handed in a bucket-2 milk, which costs three rubles per liter, although thousands of stores.
Garbage from households is not taken two weeks, take out in the woods. And it’s not agrogorodok! "
More measured in Veremeyko always existed forestry — wood everywhere in value. But in the near future and then quit five of 20 5 workers — wages have become less 100 bucks.
Guard tells Dmitry Tinsel.
Tinsel: "There are no funds to buy nails in forestry, and the plan is carried out. Where funds? Guys and snow, rain and work logs, regardless of size up arms."
50 tinsel eight. And he not only knows himself what he is — the fate of rural pensioners.
Tinsel: "I debated with a mass in the elderly Veremeyko. Firewood very expensive, 90 thousand every month is necessary. Gas — dvatsatsts 5. A chop wood, garden plow — from hundreds of thousands of charge 2. How can people live?"
Meanwhile, a couple of years back the interviewee was the head of the club. I was there and can confirm each his wordsabout.
Tinsel: "The auditorium only 100 seats, and in districts with Veremeyko — to 2-thousand people. On the dance program from going under four or five hundred. And people have to be on the street. Implement activities in bad weather unrealistic criteria. Prazdnichek converted into flour … "
"Not if we parted with our land, that was it for us in the bread …" — Bogdanovic line verameytsy perceive verbatim.
Lord: "If you picked up a loaf of bread Cherikov — you can shoot print and on the subsequent day callous. Bought a loaf — very sour, and after one day of it unbearable smell. Cherikov factory is not able to store flour, it perishes. And people which move in Russia, Mogilev, Kryčaŭ, carry out, in the main, bakery products. "
I met with the owner of the only commercial shop — Ms. Tatiana Sulimova.
Reporter: "You can not take a bad bread?"
Sulimova "from Mogilev also forbids us to carry bread control. Could people be glad to do good. And people will come — there is no other."
Which, in the end, out of the situation? This question asked, perhaps all. Ethnographer Viktor Lukashenko held a fascinating historical parallel.
Bykov: "By 1917 Veremeyko nine times were personal. Spivalisya landlords, the village lost in the cards, but after the government again smacked in private hands …"
Casual is the favorite Roman verameytsav Razhdestsvenski going with adherents stubbornly stand on its own as …
Novel: "The possibility of an explosion in public Veremeyko and was retained when the current management does not change the policy to their farmers. We need to feed the kids. Nobody can foresee what a hungry man, driven to the edge.
Until such time as the workers will complain vertikalschikov will be required to keep the company. Make hands — just be eliminated. "

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