Viktor Dashuk Effect Listopad for Belarusian cinema zero

Valery Mazynsky, recognizable theater director, who soon engaged and Film (feature film shot on the play Kupala "Tuteyshyya"), spoke about the film festival "Listapad" exactly:
"It’s not ours, everything is strange, ruled visitors … He must die, this" Falling Leaves. "Oh my God, as such, is only as ideological any little thing — nothing more!"
Recognizable documentary Victor Aslyuk, film "Maria" which, incidentally, is involved in a competitive festival program there, said that "Listapad" enables Belarusian filmgoers see the great modern tape from different countries:
"What is happening in Minsk, it’s great. We deeply pryvintsyynaya country and any such event gives us something."
A recognized master of Russian Cinématographe Viktor Dashuk states that "Listapad" — the only film festival in the world, which holds power. This politicized as it can not positively influence the development of the state of cinema. But even if we abstract from its politicization, it is still its effect for the Belarusian cinema zero — because it is not considering the documentary, the Belarusian cinema just missing. Belarusian Cinématographe as the creative process does not exist now, "- said the emperor Dashuk.
"Already in over 10 years that makingsmiling in the feature film — it’s just shame even for "Belarusfilm" Russian time. For 10 years not created anything meaningful nor-thing! It is a shame and a sense of sin, as there is a settlement entities. In our state identity — a phenomenon unworthy "- says Dashuk.
Film Critic Andrew Rosinskiy convinced that the event held in Minsk does not correspond to the interests not only of the state of cinema, and even genre film festival:
"This festival is not so much faster film festival as an imitation."
Sovereign Rosinskiy clarifies that "Listapad" did not match any one of the tasks Festival. Specifically — it does not represent the audience and filmmakers new tapes, but only those that are already known by other festivals.
The festival is not a platform on which business issues are resolved cinema. And most importantly — it does not have its own special creative person. And because the value of the event, says film critic Andrew Rosinskiy, not art:
"November — this is such a post-Soviet-colonial party".
Chairman of the Jury "stapadu" People’s Artist of the USSR and Belarus Rostislav Jankowski states that ever grew to the level of film festivals like Cannes Minsk dream boldly, but he relies on it:
"To think that we will ever festival of Class" A "- there is a great rudeness. Since very huge sums needed, another system of organization, a lot of producers should be involved, new paintings market must be. But there is such a dream. "
Valery Mazynsky: "C" Tuteyshyh "begin the Belarusian national cinema", 17.11.2007 Two in One "on" Falling Leaves "will not, 16.11.2007

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