Violence police regime on students in the U.S.

All sorts of stereotypes about America being destroyed in recent times, many still live on, thanks to the media not only traditional but also the network. And of course, they are spreading all sorts of liberal "voices" and other trolls. Stereotype — this is a simplistic generalization, and it leads to the degradation of thinking. About the American children's upbringing and attitudes towards people with disabilities in the United States, too much has been written of the rainbow. But the reality of it has nothing to do. And what's interesting about it written by the Americans?
The article is called: «Police Handcuffing 7-Year-Olds? The Brutality Unleashed on Kids With Disabilities in Our School Systems (The police handcuffed 7-year-olds? For children with disabilities has fallen cruelty in our schools). " The text below — not a literal translation, but rather a summary of the U.S. is very close to the paper because it is a great article and abounds with all sorts of medical and pedagogical details that do not affect the essence. Who cares, go and read in English and translate completely.

Just specify that exaggerate and demonize I did not intend to. Indeed it is known that the United States carried out a lot of work to adapt the growing number of children with disabilities to the harsh environment of American schools. But it does not the system, and some active teachers and school administrators. They are trying to educate other school employees and officials how to deal with such non-standard children. This happens not always and not everywhere. The matter is complicated by the broader American educational budget cuts. Disadvantages of the training and qualifications of teachers led to the alarming spread of harmful policy of intolerance, which ends with insulation, restriction of freedom, exile, and — all too often — the involvement of law enforcement agencies to punish children with disabilities.

A great variety of such shocking incidents became known in recent times for all states:
— In Brooklyn 5-year-old high school student with autism, was injured by police. They were called to the school when the boy became hysterical, and the teachers did not know what to do. Police arrived just twisted it, strapped to a stretcher and taken to a psychiatric hospital. When the scene came to his mother and grandmother, and tried to stand up for the boys, both of them policemen also handcuffed and grandmother even a broken rib.
— In Albuquerque Police handcuffed 7-year-old student with autism. Police called after the child began to run around the class, scream and shoot rubber bands at the teacher.
— In Atlanta student with a disability Tony Smith sued the local police and school officials, for the fact that he was kept chained to 7:00 closet. In this school, one student took the other $ 2. Tony Smith was a witness, police did not find anything smarter as a way of obtaining information from him.
— In Idaho Police handcuffed and arrested autistic 8-year-old Evelyn Tauri. The incident began after Evelyn was not allowed in school because she was dressed in her favorite hoodie with embroidered cartoon cow. The teachers did not like the sweatshirt. The girl started screaming and waving his arms, the teacher called the police, the girl was frightened and became even more restless, the police put her handcuffs and taken to jail for minors.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, these cases are increasing day by day. School administrators do not take into account the peculiarities of disabled students in regular schools. So Case 6-year-old Johnson Selesii has received a lot of publicity this year. She threw a tantrum in the principal's office, but he did not calm her down, but simply called police, who handcuffed her and arrested. As a result of this execution girl dealt a severe psychological trauma, and now she has trouble falling asleep at night. Human rights activists The analysis on this problem. The conclusion of it is obvious: for all states dramatically increased the number of cases, when the management of schools use the police to punish the children for the simple daily antics, rather than raise them themselves. Moreover, such a strategy is used without a healthy child, or a disabled person. And this leads to what is known — training in early childhood in the prison system. This is not my opinion — Florida Department ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union — American Union for Civil Liberties).

But the situation is still overshadowed by the growth of additional factors, "racial, and social class." These factors greatly influence the teaching methods of treatment and punishment, and washed-up account — on the question of whether a child to get an education. According to the report on Civil Liberties, published by the Department of Education in 2012: racial differences in American schools radically affect the relationship to the child. Because children with skin color in two times more likely to sentences than their white peers.
Former teacher Annie Linden, who taught in the black and Latino areas with poor people, gave an interview to AlterNet. She said many of her students had difficulties in training because of the constant stress, the injection of parental fear of exclusion of children from school, work in prison and deportation from the country. And these fears — more than real. According to recent studies University of California: the vast majority of children excluded from school — with skin color. And if they are disabled, then the risk of exclusion increases. Studies in different states support this picture — belonging to the oppressed race and disability child toughen punishment. And sat down to take into account that white families the government provides more financial support in the treatment of autism, and do they earn more, then the situation will be even worse. Furthermore, diagnosis of autism in children with skin color in the U.S. is much worse than whites.

In the U.S., total the level of disabled children has been increasing steadily. Moreover, in contrast to previous years, it raises the level of mental people with different intellectual, emotional and cognitive delays in development. It would seem such a big practice should give a good experience in working with sick children, but in reality the situation is opposite. And schools and students are struggling. Because of funding cuts reduced the number of teachers trained to work with children with disabilities, and school authorities are increasingly resorting to force the police to punish students. Human rights activists from Oregon note, This practice is primarily affects just disabled children. There were even cases of death.
And it's not just ordinary schools. To pacify children with mental illness used by the police even in special schools, where it would have to work prepared by the teacher.

In the children's wellness center Yonkers killed 16-year-old Corey Foster, once called the police used force during his arrest. Later it turned out that the use of the police to punish violators of discipline — a common practice in Yonkers.
In Jackson (Mississippi) to pacify the students of special schools also handcuffed. A school Rotenberg Center for the suppression of autistic children use of electroshock. In the state of Texas for 2007-2008 — school year teachers 18000 once used handcuffs to punish the guilty students.
In response to these reports, the National Disability Rights Network condemned the massive use of restraint and seclusion to punish people with disabilities in American schools. Of course the police do not have the pedagogical skills, they do not know how to calm a frightened child into hysterics, and just come to him as a drunken bully. Obvious to everyone that the use of the police to punish children — madness, but the practice continues. And for incompetence and stupidity elementary adults paying the children in the first place.

His role here and have massive layoffs of educators. A secondary school teacher in New York, Alicia Maud Wayne told me that before she helped to 5 people, and now after two waves of cuts, it operates one of 18 children. Banal lack of hands and eyes also affects the reluctance of teachers to deal with each child, it is easier to call the police.
The Michigan Education Association explicitly states that school personnel are not prepared to work with children whose aggressive behavior is caused by mental illness. Because of this, school districts are constantly faced with cases where the unprofessional actions of teachers lead to childhood traumas, as psychological and physical. The lack of assistants creates additional difficulties, therefore increasing cases of police calls to the school.

However, pediatrician Solonyuk Vick told reporters AlterNet, that such punitive measures are not only unable to calm down, and even more excited children with disabilities. She explained that children with cognitive disabilities often have difficulty adapting to new situations and strangers, so the aggressive actions of the police unknown cause them acute emotional distress. This can result in kicking, punching, screams — the typical reaction of the child.
"We teach our children to avoid strangers," — says Solonyuk. — "And then we wonder why they do not respond to foreign adults, the child has never met."
As in many U.S. schools, school children are often punished Solonyuk insulation. "Teachers are closed 7-year-old child with autism in a classroom all day. And when free him, they see that it continues to riot in front of other children. Then they say that he can not stop, and lock him up again. "
Solonyuk considers such isolation the very real torture that with age will create additional difficulties for a disabled person to communicate with others. In her opinion, the way out of this is simple: the hiring of several highly-qualified teachers and regular training schools.

Alicia Wayne says that her confidence in dealing with children with disabilities developed under the influence of years of experience working with them. But most of today's teachers do not have such experience and knowledge. This problem became evident even to Congress, where Senators is required to conduct additional training for teachers, but unfortunately they only take decisions on school budget cuts.
But without additional assistance and funding, even experienced teachers do not have time to keep up with all the kids and often miss the moment when the kids get out of control.
Another problem that causes increased excitability in children, is a new system of standardized testing. In addition, because of the dependence of the results of testing, teachers are forced to spend all their time on tests, and not to raise children. All children, regardless of their health suffer from.

In the failure of education reform is often accused only of teachers, rather than the entire system. However, this approach eliminates the attention of a major systemic problems, such as school funding cuts, layoffs of experienced teachers, not to mention about closing schools.
Poor qualifications, funding cuts and increasing pressure on teachers — all this has a second end of the stick on the students. "Unfortunately", — says Vika Solonyuk. — "We seem to care about our poor children in this country."

The author — "se smith"- Writes not only for AlterNet, but for Bitch, Feministe, Global Comment, the Sun Herald, the Guardian and other publications.

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