Vital Stazharau fined 350,000 rubles

The material was a call to come December 10 to October Square to express their attitude to the authorities’ policy in relation to small and medium businesses.
Companions detention businessman Vitaly dubbed action harass other day protests.
Case Vitaly Stozharov considered referee Oksana Relyava. Vitaly has pleaded not guilty.
We recall that in the evening he was arrested on December 5 guards Komarovsky market, including Managing police last Russian Tsar Buslov district. They found Vitaly several leaflets in which, among other, there was information that entrepreneurs are planning to meet Dec. 10 on October Square. It was an excuse to draw up a report calling for the role in an illegal street rally. Vitaly spent the night in the slammer Akrestsin Street.
Vital Stazharau Freedom said in the courtroom:
"The authorities are afraid of businessmen fear that people will come to the area and says" no "Decree number 760. I believe that nothing broke. There was no call to enter the square, there was Information about the meeting of businessmen. "
Siuchyk came to the court in a symbol of solidarity with the businessmen.
"It’s a pity Vitali, who totally unfounded drag, judge, though no one has repealed the Constitution Republic of Belarus. Although the problem that rises rally December 10, affects hundreds of thousands of Belarusians who can stay without work, without money, fail to feed their families. Power at the moment at this stage of their own development, which already all the same, laws have long been trampled, and because we have what we have. "
Siuchyk added:
"Delaying Vitaly Buslov. He played an important role in the fight against intercessors Kurapaty. Wish I remembered his" feat "when people were gone for the day with tents. Buslov manage this. On the very grain position currently assigned. You see, his former awards have not forgotten. "
Lawyer Alexander Vitaly Galiyev drew attention judge the lack of witnesses and numerous procedural violations. In addition, businessman is currently on medication, because it has prepyadstviya health.
Referee adjourned for an hour, and then read the sentence — a fine of 10 basic units (350,000 rubles it, or about 170 dollars).
Previously, for distributing leaflets in the Industrial District Court sentenced to arrest businessman Ruslan Lutsenko and Ales Taustyka. Ruslan Lutsenko to This time remains behind bars.

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