Vitaly Tretyakov: What should Russia to its image in the European media has turned into a positive.

The conference in Berlin was very compact and, unfortunately, without any audience. However, the discussion was lively, and the conference itself lasted the whole day. The general theme of the conference is quite special "Russia and Europe: problems of modern international journalism." In addition to Russia, were from Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Latvia. From Russia attended the conference: Armen Hovhannisyan, Vsevolod Bogdanov, Andrey Bystrytsky, etc. Among the "others" and I do.

Here's my thesis presentation.

Topic: "What should Russia to its image in the European media has turned into a positive. Science-fiction hypothesis ".

Adoption of the 1st (and supported by other members): the image of Russia in the European media for the most part negative.

Approval of the 2nd (and with that many agreed) images of almost all other countries in the Russian media, or simply positive or mostly positive.

Hypothesis: It is impossible to ensure that the image of Russia in most European countries (Western European and many Eastern European) became positive.

I will try to prove this hypothesis by contradiction. What should Russia do to her image in the European media was positive? Apparently, that will be well received by European media.

After going through this list, which includes dozens of my points, but I will limit myself about a dozen.

1. Admitted that the Russian criminal history par excellence and a history of oppression of other countries and peoples.

2. Recognize that all of the existing empires, in general, quite good, the Russian Empire is the most disgusting, and the Soviet Union — the worst in human history.

3. Recognize that the best (not much better) that is in Russia, borrowed from the West, and the worst (which predominates) is a genetic properties and features of the Russian people and Russia as a whole.

4. To recognize that Russia is nedoEvropa and Russian people nedoevropeets. And in order for Russia to become a real Europe, and Russian — a real European, they need a long time to learn from textbooks published in Europe, and constantly exams European teachers. However, the chance of success is still very small.

5. Recognize that all the leaders of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Russian state at all maniacs and criminals, and especially Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Lenin and Stalin. However, the rest are no better. The only exception is Mikhail Gorbachev.

6. Russia to overthrow or to dismiss President Putin.

7. Recognize that in World War II victory over Hitler won the U.S. and British armies, for some, with the active participation of the French and the Poles. Soviet Russia was far away in the east fighting with Hitler's troops, but they were local battles.

8. Admit that it was the Soviet Union conducted the first nuclear bomb foreign cities, but Russian so cleverly hidden traces of the crime that they still can not find. But sooner or later it will be done.

9.Russkaya Orthodox Church is one of the most reactionary religious groups in the world and it should be completely excluded from any participation in public and political life of Russia.

10. Recognize that the criminal organization was undoubtedly the Comintern, who wanted to establish communist regimes in many countries around the world. Then as now acting exactly according to the procedures of the Comintern Liberal International, establishing democratic regimes in many countries of the world, there is a civilized and extremely useful organization, the decisions that have to all Governments.

11.Gaz EU countries to Russia agrees to sell under European Union.

12. Russia should give up some of their own policies in the post-Soviet space. All the more unacceptable in principle, Russian defense missing Russian rights outside the Russian Federation.

13. All its domestic and foreign policy Russia should align with the EU and the U.S., and it is better to spend just under their supervision and direction.

14. Because the sins and crimes of conscience Russia a lot, then it would be good to take on and the crimes that she probably did not commit, since it will be nice to some other countries. For example, as many in Poland would be nice if Russia killed President Kaczynski, Russia could admit it — for the sake of European harmony and tranquility.

15. Russian vodka to drink, and to drink Georgian wine, release from prison Pussy rayot and all others will say the West; regularly organize gay pride parades, to allow same-sex marriage and to make Siberia-European heritage (and so many more items.) In general, it is good that the next president of Russia was gay.

So, stopping at this point, let us ask ourselves the question: if it's all he wants from her "Europe" and the West, Russia will do, will the image of Russia in the European media positive?

The obvious answer is no! For in this case it will be clear that nothing more disgusting and criminal in Europe than Russia, no.

My hypothesis is proved.

Thank you!

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