Vitebsk 2-honored local saints affected by Russian authorities

On days of celebration to the canonization of saints came to Vitebsk Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, Metropolitan Filaret. By this occasion Vitebsk gathered all 12 bishops Belorussian Orthodox Church.
Metropolitan Filaret took part in the procession around the church of Our Lady of Kazan Moms
Protagierey Nicholas Akalovich in 1920-30-ies intensely opposed to the church split, also fought for the fact that during rekvizytsyi values of Vitebsk temples not hurt people. On charges of anti-Soviet agitation was convicted exiled and died in prison in 1934. His burial place remains unclear. Nicholas was rehabilitated Akalovich September 12, 1989-the year the Prosecutor’s Office of the Vitebsk region.
Vitebsk Fr Vladimir Goridovets sought descendants of Nicholas Akalovich. His grandson Edward Petrovich Akalovich who worked on vsezhytstse KIM Vitebsk factory, only recently learned that his grandfather was canonized for awards before Orthodox Church.
Edward Petrovich Akalovich and his daughter Lena, descendants canonized St. Nicholas Akalovich
Vladimir Elyanevski was known lawyer in Vitebsk and sincere believer. For an active role in the life of the Church, he also was arrested. After serving his term of exile, he again returned to Vitebsk and late in life wrote an essay on the history of Vitebsk Diocese. Vladimir Elyanevski died in 1954 and was rehabilitated only in 1989.
Icon of St. Vladimir Elyanevskaga
Now icons depicting Nicholas Akalovich and Vladimir Elyanevskaga solemnly carried around the church of Our Lady of Kazan Moms during the procession. Commemorate saints sufferers from Russian authorities gathered several hundred believers Vitebsk.

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