Vitebsk Courier closed completely?

In a letter signed by the chairman of executive committee Vladimir Andreychenko who received all shareholders of a closed joint-stock company, says that "Publishing House" Vitebsk Courier "has no negotiation" with the local executive and administrative bodies, "and that his work does not meet the Directive President Republic of Belarus"On measures to strengthen public safety and discipline."
The representative of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, a consultant of the publishing house Paul Levinov considers it necessary to appeal the decision of the regional executive committee, an opportunity to return to save non-state media.
In general, for while the newspaper did not come out in the editorial staff have been significant configuration. Shareholders of "Publishing house" Vitebsk Courier "editor sacked head Vladimir Bazan, who has been in office 17 years, right behind him went several technical employees and a large part of the correspondents. Three months reverse Vladimir Bazan and his creative team of like-minded people began to issue new newsletter" Courier from Vitebsk. "

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