Vladimir Rovdo: Do not repeat the mistake of 1999

Member BPF Valentine Svyatskaya explains why it is very worrying that happening in the game:
"I I do not like someone to wash dirty linen in public. This — the inner-work, and we must first clean up the mess themselves, all clarified. It was only later, as statedcamping, out on the wide streets and avenues. Because I think, that some applicants slightly overworked in so referred publicity, as they say they are.
I believe that the BNF — now one of the most influential political parties in opposition. But the fact that some candidates for the post of party chairman with her get up at the moment, does not benefit the party. "
Ms. Svyatskaya believes that the situation in segodnyaschy BPF planned special services:
"I think it is only for the benefit of the government and the ruling regime. So there is already a political parties, are closed, activities are suspended. And then, that at the moment trying to do with the Party of the BPF, it (excuse me, but the things you need to call your own words) — one hundred percent security services planned action. "
Political scientist, educator Euro Humanities Institute Vladimir Rovdo recalls that BNF — this is not an ordinary game. Specifically, she stood at the forefront of the development of the Belarusian democratic opposition. BPF has at one point experienced a split and the likelihood of recurrence of those events would have loved to authorities, said the analyst:
"They will be cheering when the split will go on. Since the first split occurred in 1999, the year. And we remember well.
Because I wanted to somehow influence (if it can be naturally) on those people, who will vote at the congress. In any case the side that loses, should support the decisions of the party who prevailed. You can not go to re-split. You can not repeat the mistake of 1999. "

• From Mon in the morning air — the debate between the candidates for the post of chairman of the BPF Party, 26.11.2007 • Vyachorka and Ivashkevich Mihalevitch presented their programs from Mogilev, 17.11.2007

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