Vyacheslav Gerasimenko: It was horror — Tank stood on the streets of Minsk.

Question Ales Zarembyuk, deputy Mostovskogo District Council held on the 24th convocation: "During your deputy activity occurred landmark action in Belarusian history. I mean action in 1996 … "
Ulitenok: "Excuse my interrupting you … Recall our listeners, that just in These days are 11 years ago in Supreme Council XIII convocation ended with the collection of signatures in the midst of Deputies to impeach the president. That could start when 70 deputies gave their consent. Well, and then intervened Russian comrades: Build, Chernomyrdin, Seleznev … And they Tipo reconciled with Lukashenko Sharetsky Tikhinya under control, then chairman of the Constitutional Court. On 24 November a general referendum in Belarus … "
Zarembyuk: "So here, please remind me, what was the most fun you during the collection of signatures for the impeachment of President Lukashenko in the 96th year? And curious as to why one of the deputies was not afraid to openly and signatures, which managed to collect, and others — not subscribe? <…> Was the pressure most basic event that had you most memory? Because, really, to This time yet such was not the same. "
Gerasimenko: "And if you were then in Minsk? Entire Minsk was then surrounded by troops! All Minsk! You do not beheld, and yet I was, I beheld all. It’s horrible! These boys are sitting young greenbacks — only the army called them … "
One hundred percent answer to listen videafragmentse (4 Mb).

Listen to the transfer of Alexander Ulitenko the evening air now, on November 16.

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