October 27 The U.S. Navy will conduct the ceremony of baptism Minnesota submarine shipyard in Newport News (Virginia, company Newport News Shipbuilding — Branch Huntington Ingalls Industries), reports ASDNews October 25.
The main speaker was Admiral, director of naval nuclear propulsion plants Cyrus Donald (Kirk Donald). Submarines will be godmother Helen Roghed (Ellen Roughead), wife of the former head of the department of Naval Operations Admiral Gary U.S. Navy Rogheda (Gary Roughead).
APL Minnesota (10th type Virginia) named in honor of the inhabitants of the State of Minnesota for their continued support of the military effort of the country. The state has a long-standing tradition to honor veterans of their own past and present. Minnesota prides itself on its 46 people received the highest military merits U.S. — the Medal of Honor since the time of the war civilians before the Vietnam War.
This boat is the third ship, which bears the title of the state. The first was a sailing frigate, which has joined the South American fleet in 1857 and operated during the war, civilians, decommissioned in 1898. Second ship with this title was commissioned in 1907, was one of the ships of the squadron of 16 units, which then U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt) journey around the world. The ship was decommissioned in 1921.
APL Minnesota meets all the requirements of the 21st century, has advanced stealth characteristics, to equip new monitoring tools and weapons. The submarine is designed for anti-submarine warfare and anti-submarine ships of the enemy, attacking ground targets, conduct special operations and mine-sweeping missions, reconnaissance and surveillance. The boat is capable of operating in shallow waters near the coast.
7800-ton submarine built jointly by General Dynamics Electric Boat and Huntington Ingalls Industries. The crew of 134 people, the length of 377 feet (approx. 115 m), the width of 34 feet (10.3 m), a depth of 800 feet (250 m), submerged speed of 25 knots. Submarines armed with nuclear power plant, which does not ask for refueling always operating submarines.

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