Washington Post: Belarus needs help

So called article in the current issue of the newspaper "Washington Post". Article is devoted to a meeting with members of the Bush delegation Belarusian opposition, held on December 6.
"President George W. Bush meets with the family of pro-democracy favorites political parties and non-governmental organizations from Belarus — Europe’s last dictatorship "- a caption drew criticism creator" Washington Post "Fred Gayata.
"This meeting really took place, — writes Gayat — but the phrase" the last dictatorship in Europe "after the elections in Russia nedavneshnih sounds very unmodernly. Watch behind President Bush and his plans to bring freedom more seriously considered enemies of freedom than the creators of those plans. "
Next newspaper quoted expression Milinkevich: "I remember not so long ago quite a number of European politicians had read me that merge with Russia for us would be great, because then we would have got rid of their own dictator. But at the moment so no one states ".
By Fred Gayata views, Milinkevich and his companions in Washington are not sufficiently general — it’s a communist, a Social Democrat, Christian Democrat, also people of other beliefs. How to establish democracy in Belarus, they vchepyatstsa each other the larynx in the struggle for power. But while they are united in a great struggle for democracy. They are publishing that authorities here are locked, they print newspapers, circulation is rapidly confiscated, they are put in jail, and when they go out, then start helping families of other prisoners.
Welcoming the Belarusian opposition during one-hour meeting on Thursday last week President Bush said: "I know your difficulties, not because I reads about them. And by the way, how I can assist you to solve your problem." According to the views of the creator of "Washington Post" Fred Gayata that the administration of the White House really understand prepyadstviya Belarusian opposition, she could do more. It would, for example, would pay for a new satellite TV company Belarus, and not only for the broadcasting in small waves. She would not help democracy in reduced adjacent to the Russian Federation and Belarus, Ukraine or other former Soviet states, where could soon be faced with a real anti-democratic bloc.

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