We do not have the election campaign, and in Russia on the television stand

Man: "What’s in Russia, then we have: Kasparov was arrested for 5 days, he went against Putin."
Man: "It is equally rebellion was when the election was in Belarus — youth tent. All showed on TV. And in Russia. "
Man: "In Russia, always more vigorously tested electoral debates. We’ve always done everything quiet. And, I think the opposition in Russia more visible, than in Belarus . "
Lady: "I believe that our elections in Belarus, more conscientious and correct than in Russia."
Man: "Parliament Russian I have no respect — there are all sorts of zvadak. There are only cashing in themselves, but for the people do not take good-quality laws. It is desirable that the Parliament were honest people. "
Spadarnya "prototype — people choose. Agitation best in Russia."
Man: "Candidates there often arise in public, than in Belarus. And on television, and correspondents meet them. I think, there is more ability to choose the one you want. We have no such. "
Man: "Our elections more democratic than Russia. Corruption There is more."
Man: "We badly that the elections no agitation, and on television in Russia give to speak. When I come to your own polling station, I see that we have a few people strongly signs for newsletters, and later they say that in the elections assumed the role of more than ninety percent of the people. "

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