We lost the war for the independence of the South, but the cause for which we fought, he still lives in our hearts

From 1861 to 1865, the southern states of the state which we now call the United States of America existed as a sovereign state known as the Confederate States of America. Due to irreconcilable differences in culture, economy and religion, the South seceded from the union with the northern states. It was an act that, in accordance with the terms on which they ratified the Constitution, they had every right (as in fact they entered the Union as a sovereign state under an agreement with other sovereign states and a federal structure, known as the United States or the Federal government).

Everything would have been nice if the federal government simply allowed the southern states to go their own way. We did not have hatred for the northerners, we just wanted to be left alone. But the empire was not built through pacifism and because federal troops operating under the dictatorial power of Abraham Lincoln invaded our homeland with unprecedented in the history of mankind fervor and zeal. Broke the bloodiest war in American history where brother often shot his brother in a conflict that has claimed more American lives than all the wars together in the United States has ever fought.

Although we lost the war for the independence of the South, the cause for which we fought, still lives in the hearts of our patriots of the South, or Saustronov (Southrons), as we are more properly called. This feeling will always live as long as the people will continue to want to be free — free to live their lives as they see fit, without restrictions and government intervention. Government without the consent of the people is tyranny, and as such, has no legitimacy (see the link at the top of the page titled "For that we have fought in the Civil War"). The Patriots fought against tyranny in 1776, and fought against it again in 1861. The desire to be free, is gone and will never die .. This is an inalienable right granted to us by God, and not a government agency created by people.

The war ended in 1865, the world for which Robert E. Lee agreed, but the hostility has been simmering ever since. 138 years have passed since the last shot was made in the War of Independence, and the Yankee troops still remain in our land and the government in Washington continues to rule us with an iron hand. We live under the rule of the occupation government. Yankee empire has replaced our constitutional form of government of its bureaucracy, which is based on non-elective judicial power is concentrated in the hands of unprecedented power. The open door policy of this government for illegals every day is destroying our unique southern culture as the government forcibly introducing among us "multiculturalism" and "political correctness" that prompted the removal of many of our monuments and memorials from public view. Demolition of the remaining monuments is a constant threat. Even our cherished flags — symbols of Southern Pride — was banned from public viewing in schools and in many areas of our beloved South. I remember a time when the performance of our song "Dixie" during a game of football at the school heaving crowd to its feet with wild cheers and shouts of violent insurgency. Now, this song is also prohibited on school grounds, along with a prayer.

Even if we lost the war for the independence of the South, the cause for which we fought for is not lost. It still lives in the spirit of the Southern people. This spirit, without fear of reconstruction and guided by the hand of God, like a phoenix, risen from the ashes to lead Southerners to the construction of the new South, which will rise and will become known among the nations of the world.

K. Steven Monk


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