Week in Belarus in photo 25 — November 30

November 25. First session of the constituent congress of the "People’s swinger" (Belarusian Social Democratic Party)

The presidium of the congress A.Arastovich, M. Statkevich, A.Kuchynskaya, A.Gavrutsikav, U.Mishura

Guests of the congress and Paul Seviarynets Siuchyk

November 28. Round table on freedom of conscience in Belarus

Lead Roundtable Alexey Shein

Speaker favorite democratic movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich

The report advocates a lawyer and human rights activist D.Shavtsova

Salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart

Company representative focal point in defense of the right to freedom of conscience in Belarus Sergei Lukanin

Roundtable participants

Presentation of monitoring rights violations Christians in Belarus in 2006-2007. Maria speaks Savushkina

November 28. After the Congress of the Union of artists of Belarus, which was elected the new chairman Vladimir Savich

The newly elected chairman of the Union of artists of Belarus Grodno Vl.Savich with a group of painters
Vladimir Savic and Sergey Timokhov

November 28. Protest against waste incineration, Minsk

November 29. Honoring the memory of victims of political repression and park CHelyuskincev

November 29. Tribunal over the organizers of the rally business December 10, A.Tolstyko and R.Lutsenkam

Protocol on administrative violation detained entrepreneurs are not signed. The protocol states that entrepreneurs have spread sheets with information to hold a rally on December 10 at 12:00 October Square without a corresponding permission. And so did the administrative offense.
Lebedko came to support the business in court
Siuchyk and A.Makaev to trial businessmen
A.Tolstyko and R.Lutsenka before the doors of the court
Friends brought things to detainees

November 29. Concert for the 70th anniversary of the Belarusian Philharmonic

Jubilee concert

A priest in the midst of the guests V.Zavalnyuk solemn celebration

S.Kartes Philharmonic at the jubilee
November 30. Presentation of the Polish edition of "Songs about the Bison", Grodno

Vytautas Mine is "Song about the Bison"
Algis Dirginchus read a passage in the Lithuanian translation
Yanina Chizhevskii ignorant of environmentally untainted drink their own production

November 30. During the exhibition opening Zhodinskaya painters in Polotsk

During the opening of the exhibition "Zhodintsy"

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