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Children's Literature in Europe

European officials are seriously discussing the possibility to limit children to read books that show the traditional family where the father goes to work, and my mother bringing up children. In their view, such a reading of the literature contributes to the children the wrong idea about modern life.

Officials found the fielder in the fight for gender equality. The report, prepared by the Committee on Women's Rights Commission, expressly states: books that Europeans read to their children, form the wrong approach to life. In the stories and novellas that make up the golden fund of children's literature, it is often featured adults whose duties are clearly itemized: dad works, mom stays home and raises the children. This is what is bad, say members of the committee the European Commission. In young readers, after reading this book formed the view that women's place in the kitchen, not in the office, and the idea of books they carry on the whole show about real life. Formed the so-called gender stereotype. According to evrochinovnits, society should correct the situation.

One of the options — introduce special courses in schools, where children will explain that everyone — boys and girls — have equal rights and can make your career without regard to gender. These courses students will be offered the right to read the literature, and wrong — push it away on the shelf.

Christmas in Denmark

In Denmark in Kokkedale sectarian conflict erupted: Council tenants in Egedalsveng refused to allocate funds for the purchase of trees to celebrate Christmas. Interestingly, before this council tenants, where the majority of Muslims are allocated funds for the celebration of Eid al-Adha. On the Muslim holiday was allocated 60,000 euros, or more than 10 thousand dollars, and the Christians were asked to allocate the funds to buy a few trees for 5-7 thousand Danish kroner (from 852 to 1,193 U.S. dollars).

"I still believe that we should insist on its decision, as it is not a question of money, but of principle. It seems ridiculous that, as a Muslim, I have to organize a Christian holiday. I've never celebrated Christmas and do not want to celebrate it now, "- said a member of the board of the housing Egedalsvenga Ismail Mestazi quoted Ridus.

Local Christians called the action of the authorities, "intolerant" and began to independently collect funds to buy Christmas trees.

At the same time representative of the Danish opposition Tom Behnke expressed concern that Denmark pace can become completely Muslim country. "Do not try to turn Denmark into a Muslim country just because you profess this religion," — he said stressing that people should have the right to celebrate their festivals. Behnke also said that Muslims should also respect the celebrations of the country in which they arrived.

Volunteers Norway

The District Court of Agder sentenced 7-year-old girl, suffering from heart disease, to the payment of costs in favor of the 63-year-old Norwegian who has committed against her selfless attempt to sex education.

District Court acquitted the Aust-Telemark wise experiences a volunteer teacher, rejecting attempts to recover from him 60,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage and physical damage.

Lawyers naughty child tried to appeal the decision of the district court, but the court found no legal basis for the consideration of trying to cash in on the noble father of the family. Justice has been done, when the costs of litigation in 2000 crowns were imputed so-called poterpeshey side. The child's parents ordered them to pay the state for the month.

At the moment, naughty child is in hospital. Parents refused to appeal the district court's decision in the Supreme Court of Norway. They were given to understand that trying to avoid responsibility, they risk to increase the amount of damages to the victim and the state in the face of the court.

Gender equality in Austria

A member of the City Council of Vienna Renate Brauner and chairwoman of the project Danielle Orner opened the first "polovochutky» (geschlechtssensibel) kindergarten «Fun & Care» («Fun and care") in 1999.

Embodying gender theory into practice, the organizers want to "open to boys and girls as many new and diverse roads to achieve real equality of opportunity": girls are taught to play football, messing around with the tools to select the boys machine, the "win" in the locker room, to seek his cry and strength; boys show how to play with dolls, acquaint them with massage and body care, give each bag with cosmetics, explains what it means to be beautiful, dressed up in a princess dress, paint your nails, help to get used to a passive role: to bear , to ask for help, to concede.

The fight against stereotypes in Germany

Teachers from the organization "Dissens" hold with teenagers so-called "competition bias," which is to show that men and women differ to a much lesser extent than is commonly believed. Ignite heated debate about whether girls go to the bathroom standing up, and whether the young men to show their feelings. The official purpose "Dissensa" — "the destruction of identity teenager", "training of his criticism of their own sex" and the formation of it is not that "other boys" and generally "not young."

Spelling reform in Sweden

In kindergarten, "Egalite" actively working with gender equality: the words "boy" and "girl" are not used, personal pronouns, such as «hon» or «han» is not prohibited, but they are blocked polo-neutral word «hen».

Swedish publishing "Fabulous publishing" produces books which are replaced in the kindergartens' gender-incorrect "" Snow White "and" Thumbelina "- pro-male giraffes who dream of a child, or a princess, rejects suitors until then, until I met on edge of the forest girl and fell in love with her.

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