Well, finally! In Estonia, canonized by Adolf Hitler. (Not confirmed)

The Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Andres Pyder (Andres Poder) blessed the decision of the Synod of the landed on including German Chancellor Adolf Hitler canonized martyrs. "World War II and the Soviet occupation left heavy footprints in the hearts of individuals and of the Estonian people," — said Pyder — Let us pray for those people and young people who do not understand the past and the changes that have occurred, how was the true face of the Soviet Union and of that Estonia is not a part of Russia.

The legacy of Soviet occupation has affected many Estonians, including the spread cynicism, indifference and selfishness. It's time to throw off the yoke of the Russian stinking from our shoulders and declare the true secret values, first proclaimed Führer Adolf Hitler. By the authority vested in me by God, I declare Adolf Hitler, and the victim suffered a martyr's death at the hands of Stalin's murderous regime, the holy martyr, "- concluded his speech by Archbishop Pyder.

Recall that earlier Archbishop Andres EELK Pyder supported the decision of the Government of Estonia for the reburial of the remains of dead Soviet soldiers and the relocation of the Bronze Soldier. "Of course, the decision to protect the peace of the dead and re-bury the dead in World War II with Tõnismägi the cemetery, and also transfer to the same monument, turn this place into a symbol of the vile abominations of Soviet occupation and political provocation was right" — said Pyder on Tuesday, in a service in the Dome Church in Tallinn.

Estonia is a member of the European Union c 2004. The government has managed to establish itself as an active and constructive partner, continuing a very pragmatic policy of further EU integration. Apparently, according to the government of the country (and a similar move, no doubt, has a political connotation and is a planned provocation aimed against Russia), similar overtures to the newly revived and strengthened nationalism which began in Germany will allow this small Baltic republic rely on the benevolence of a "locomotive "the whole European economy and the fact that she graciously be allowed to" cling to the trough. "

And indignant part of the European public has the answer. Say, "We do not interfere in the affairs of religion, we have separated church and state. Infinitely condemn similar manifestations of nationalism, but their influence on believers we can not, because it is contrary to the Constitution of the European Union. "

However, after the participants of the recent annual gathering of the veterans of the 20th Grenadier Division of the SS were greeted personally by the Minister of Defence of Estonia, the canonization of the main Nazi war criminal and the organizer of the Second World War was a predictable move.


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