West — the carriers advanced culture?

It's no secret that the dismantling of the Soviet system was carried out under the banner of the return to the bosom of the world civilization, of which we were supposedly taken out the October Revolution. In this case, a world civilization was meant, of course, the civilization of the West. For the anti-Soviet infected by Eurocentrism, the terms and the western world are identical, as if other civilizations do not exist. Like, there in the West live smart, rich, energetic people. Due to the enterprise and other talents they have built the best country in the world, where there is prosperity and democracy. And we and other "savages" are lagging behind due to stagnation and backwardness of their culture, and now have to learn all sorts of civilization in Europe and especially the United States.

This view is widespread among the "democrats", and in fact the mere knowledge of history shows the absurdity of such reasoning. Far from the West and South, East, Asia Minor — the cradle of civilization and culture. There have science, arts, crafts, all the world's religions. All over the world are studying Ancient China, which is one and a half thousand years (!) Overtook Europe in the medical and anatomical art, there first invented gunpowder, paper, the compass. India is known for its sophisticated philosophical systems, Babylon and Egypt — advances in astronomy, mathematics and medicine. About the riches and wisdom of the East was legendary. When London was stinking village where hard drinking and looting in Cordoba Arab people have attended university. When did the Crusades, then as an expensive trophy European knights were brought from Arab countries … soap! Prior to this gallant knights have not washed for a few months and slept in clothes! At this time in Europe, even monarchs were illiterate in their chambers were saucers to crush fleas, and high society, I'm sorry to defecate directly into the corridors of the palaces of their own! And these facts are very, very much.

By the way, if some of the achievements of Arab culture inhabitants still vaguely heard of, then certainly the notion of "African culture" is now perceived only at the level of "Wild Dances" and "scary" masks. And after a thousand years ago it was considered negros Europeans barbarians. Cities in Kenya and Tanzania were known for their luxury. By the IX century Bantu established trade not only with neighboring countries, but also with India and China. Even the common people wore clothes made of Indian fabrics, and the rulers of Swahili, sent as a gift to Chinese emperor exotic animals. On the basis of the Arabic alphabet has blossomed own literature, and then a black writer al-Jahiz wrote the "Book of the superiority of whites over blacks," and it was for this reason.

In 1863, the world got a sensation: in Zimbabwe found an ancient, long-forgotten city. Giant towers, colossal statues of birds, the ruins of palaces and temples. On opening one of the graves, the researchers found a mountain of gold jewelry. So bury the local aristocracy. Shaken European archaeologists rashly declared that it could have an ancient Egyptian colony. But it soon became apparent that they were wrong. The fact that they found in Zimbabwe, South Africa was the residence of the emperors.

People brought up on the advertising of chocolates "Bounty", according to Oceania tropical paradise with naked beauties. There was not, and there is a great culture — considered by most Europeans. And why "people of paradise" culture? Stick a stick in the ground — to grow palm fruits and endow — says the typical booby-evrotsentrist and Western historians and ethnographers in no hurry to refute this nonsense. But they know very well that in the heyday of ancient Greece and Rome, and also experienced a flowering of Pacific Island countries. That culture is dead, and from the little that remains, mostly ruins of fortresses. New Polynesians started off in the IX century. In the priestly New Zealand universities taught the history, genealogy, astronomy, theology and literature. Farmers cobbled roads, dug canals, built palaces of kings. And after a day of rest: go to the theater, playing a kind of chess, and field hockey.

Modern Western Europeans are proud of the great geographical discoveries. They honestly believe that their ancestors — this is the greatest pioneers and explorers of all time. It is time, high time to break and this myth.

In 1774, the famous Captain James Cook met with Polynesian fleet. We are used to thinking somehow that the "savages" swam exclusively on small boats or rafts primitive, but James Cook did not think so. He then saw firsthand twin 159 warships, carrying a few thousand sailors Polynesians. In comparison, under the then Cook was 2 ships and 180 people. One should not think that the Western European appearing in different parts of the World, as the bearer of progress. In fact, his arrival in many cases was pathetic.

Our current understanding of barbarism and progress are determined by propaganda. Have a look at some interesting facts that talent shone known journalist and writer I.Stogov. For example, our fallen soldiers Europeans put the obelisk. Exactly the same obelisks and for the same reasons put forward the "savages" thousands of years ago. But European ethnographers call these monuments phallic symbol. Non-European literature as writing. Popularly referred to as tribes. Ministry officials — princely warriors, and religion — voodoo cults and so on and so on for hundreds of years. And, when it comes to ancient Greece and Rome, that is, about Europe, the situation changes dramatically. In Greece — "democracy", "strategists and generals", "poets", "scientists" and "speakers". In Rome — "lawyers", "debate in the Senate," "combat engineers" and so on. This is how the West flog non-European inferiority complex.

Edward Said in his book "Orientalism" as shown from the notes of various rogues — adventurers who do not understand the culture of others and do not delve into it, was formed in the West the image of "Wild East", the image that is now being replicated by world media. However, we draw an interesting parallel. Recently an acquaintance of ours visited the United States. He returned to the wild horror. He said that "Russia — the freest country in the world, what is there to drink and smoke everywhere, in the streets of foul language, but the United States — is despotism, in which everything is forbidden, which made it three times to be fingerprinted, and before each boarding the plane stripped almost naked. And so in every way! ". Let us leave this evidence to the conscience of a merchant — the traveler. For sure, some Americans would say with a smile: "Here it is Asian savagery. Smoking and swearing he would like! And that he believes freedom! No culture! "But think about it, maybe these are the memories of the" despotism "of Eastern countries and wrote all sorts of medieval knights and travelers. They also forbade swearing, so they felt the West — the cradle of liberty. And with what scorn looked cultural Byzantium, these supposedly "free" Western aliens tell their chroniclers.

Now to answer the questions of when and, more importantly, due to what went West? How is it that illiterate poluvarvary gained the upper hand? This is our supporters human values prefer to keep mum. But the answer is very well known to historians. Crusaders destroyed the Eastern Roman Empire. By the way, from the Romans and the Arabs, and they took over the forgotten "Western" Greek scholarship. Destroyed and looted. Further, the British began with the fact that slaughtered almost the entire indigenous population of North America. But this was not enough for them. The next continent of Africa has become. When forced relocation of slaves in the New World were killed by various estimates from 10 to 25 million people. By the way, the father of the theory of liberalism, John Locke was a shareholder in a company engaged in the slave trade. By the way, slavery was abolished in the United States later than the serfdom in Russia. When you hear of another Democrat on the thousand-year tradition of Western freedom and our thousand-year tradition of slavery, then you just want to poke him in the school textbook. However, democracy and basic ignorance go hand in hand. Other European countries are also not lagging behind England. They launched a violent colonial activities that could plunder a huge starting capital. Having such "investments" Western economy has made a breakthrough in development and there's the turn of the East. European exports began to strangle the East, and he began to peter out. Only in the last 300 years, the West and the East have exchanged roles, and before thousands of years, the West eked out a miserable existence! The entire 20th century East tried to throw off the yoke, but the West did not want to take positions. Here's an example, the war for the independence of Algeria. Mitterrand, the future president of France, who personally gave orders to the bombing and mass executions. Mitterrand then had the audacity to teach us about human values. And now the French talk something about Chechnya.

So do not fairy tales, a progressive, humane West and fanatical, always backward East. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the West — the civilization of a teenage, characterized by perfectionism and naive self-confidence, not burdened with deep knowledge of other cultures. For the tendency to instruct the world on the right path hides the fact that the West does not know this world and not very interested in him, as his only care about their own problems. This statement is in contradiction with the declared desire to globalize the West. However, the fact that it is the desire and remains a declaration. Declares that globalization and openness bring with them democratization, progress, stability and prosperity. Part of this is acceptable. But all of the above is characteristic only of the Tripartite Alliance (the U.S., EU and Japan). It is unlikely that what is happening in Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan can be called a process of democratization, but the West and especially the United States support the ruling regime there, because it is in their interests (geopolitical, economic, etc.).

Indeed, now democracies do not fight each other. However, beyond the West the number of local conflicts in recent years has increased, and in those cases where it is in their national interests, democratic Western states to intervene militarily. Thus, the United States, who took over the role of guarantor of international stability, deploying a military operation in Yugoslavia, but not in Rwanda or Somalia, where ethnic cleansing and terror really reached catastrophic proportions: it promises dividends — either political or economic. Even more explicit U.S. behaved in a situation with Iraq when the economic reasons for the attack on this country were evident almost everything and even personally recognized by the United States. To the question of when the turn comes to Kim Jong Il, one of the hawks said, "Do not be naive, the only difference between Iraq and North. Korea — Oil! ". However, this is a topic for another, and a very long conversation. Here I would like to note only manifest the U.S. and its allies ignorance and disregard for the alien to their civilization. Suffice it to recall the bombing of the ancient architectural monuments in Mesopotamia and the savage looting of priceless museum in Baghdad, which keep the cultural treasures of the Sumerians and Babylonians, who not only did not prevent the civilized invaders, but also took active part in it.

As for the well-being and progress, at the present level of technology to achieve the same material well-being of all countries of the world is unreal — it will cause a threat to the very existence of the biosphere. According to current estimates, to a resident, for example, the same Rwanda caught up on North American energy supply, it should consume 1,100 times more energy than it is now. The calls also for rich countries to exercise reasonable restraint in consumption and conscious moderation, seem unattainable utopia, because contrary to the prevailing social and economic priorities, the basic values of Western society that is driven by consumption. For example, the rise in energy prices in September 2000, only a few percent in wealthy Western countries has caused an unprecedented scale protests drivers. But this is only slightly reduces their standard of living.

One gets the impression that the West the world outside is not quite real, but because, as it were, and not existing. What is happening there seems western consciousness is negligible. In reality, there is only the here and now. This statement applies to all spheres of public life, from art to politics. In art, the unreality of the world is most pronounced in the movie, especially the U.S.. Let me give just one example here — a sensational film Capture-2. Let me remind you that in this movie terrorists, seizing control of the super-weapon created by the United States, killing tens of thousands of people in China. However, the final picture of cloudless and triumphant: the American hostages, but the fate of that experience and offers the viewer saved. Fatalities for the Americans, the Chinese do not exist.

As for politics, the recent past in the U.S. elections have once again confirmed the dictates of internal conjuncture (party) concerns over considerations of expediency in international politics. Long before the appointed day elections are the only thing occupying the thoughts of politicians. Negotiations with other countries become merely an electoral combination. What can it lead, we were able to see when the Democratic U.S. administration, concerned about low ratings of their candidate, decided to inject dynamism into the Arab-Israeli negotiations. U.S. presidential elections are long gone (by the way, whom they have decided, in the end, not the American people, and the U.S. Supreme Court), and passions in a conflict zone is not reduced.

Grotesque and even looks ugly this attitude to the reality in the American judicial system, which determines the entire social life of this country. Absurd from the point of view of common sense is the situation when the district court provincial town somewhere in Arkansas can blame Ramses II as a war criminal. But this solution does not seem unbelievable to Americans, most of whom firmly believe in their right to teach and judge the rest of the world.

If subconsciously not sure of the existence of this other world, and you can do with it whatever comes to mind without fear of consequences. That's right, the abstract from reality, the United States — the only ones in the world to use nuclear weapons for military purposes, largely so used munitions containing uranium in Kosovo. And the West was convinced of the real and terrible consequences of their actions, only when the mass of leukemia in people who are in the areas of employment of such munitions. But again, the hysteria in the Western media concerned only NATO troops, and about the problems of the local population is not even mentioned — the Serbs, and Albanians, which served as the oppression of the formal pretext for bombing, for wealthy Europeans do not exist. It seems that these wealthy Europeans now have a sense of profound injustice — because they genuinely wanted to help (no matter that this killing several thousand Serb civilians), and in response to such altruism of their loved ones suffered severe illness.

On the one hand, the West hatched plans final dismantling of the East through a policy of Westernization on the other — it is supposed to erect a cordon sanitaire, designed to separate the well-fed and prosperous part of the ecumene from disadvantaged of the world. Last is actively carried out in practice. Thus, the Schengen Agreement of the EU in parallel removal of economic, political, socio-cultural barriers between themselves provide for the erection of such barriers between Europe and the non-Western world. Theories that claim the unity of mankind, more and more displaced chosen theories of the West, its inaccessibility (the concept of the golden billion, the clash of civilizations, etc.). Where will this lead, not hard to guess.

O.Matveychev, D.Lapitsky


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