What a luck with Vladimir Putin?

Russian Prime Minister arrives in the capital of Belarus for a role in the Council of Ministers of the Union of Belarus and Russia Countries.
Vladimir Putin meets with Alexander Lukashenko is a lot more enthusiasm compared with allied matters. Especially since, Two more weeks in Minsk reverse officially disseminated information that Russian Prime Minister requests a personal interview with the head of the Belarusian country.
Belarusian political scientists and of their Moscow colleagues who are engaged in Belarusian affairs, said that the highest guest, symbolically speaking, to put in front of the Belarusian ruler scales. On one side lie preferential credit and low gas prices, on the other — the recognition of the sovereignty of Belarus Municipal South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and open access to the Russian capital of Belarus.
Minsk Ales Lahvinets analyst also states that around it and will trade:

Our homeland is very very expects Belarus to recognize the breakaway republics

"I think Our homeland that really very very expects Belarus (and she read about it’s own mouth ambassador and pro-government political scientists) recognition of the breakaway republics belonging to Georgia. If today the Belarusian regime recognizes them, then of course there is a risk that Belarus will even stronger tied to Russia.
Although, I think, now or in the future, this recognition is unlikely to happen, because then for Russia, there are other very fundamental questions. And I think that it will not be until the end spalivat all bridges, requiring only the 1st of this decision. Will be discussed and a soft loan, and the ability of Russian companies privatization of those companies that are going to sell the Belarusian government, etc. "
Belarus has already quite a long time negotiating with Russia about getting a concessional loan of 2 billion dollars. The new Minister of Belarus Andrei Kharkavets money almost three a day or reversed in an interview with reporters in the House of Representatives expressed his outlook about the ability of obtaining such a loan:
"We are building with the Federal Government. And because, obviously, the Russian side is not indifferent what happens in our country. It was stated at the highest level, that as required Russian Federation will support us. Only question here — the timing, amount and on what criteria this loan will. It is presently just and discussions are specialists. We were coming Minister of Finance Kudrin Russian Tsar. And we plan subsequent round of talks on the subject. "
Another unhealthy topic — prices for Russian gas. Belarus insists that in the future, our homeland sold it for 140 bucks per a thousand cubic meters. Russian Alexander Surikov salting last Friday did not rule out that the cost could rise to $ 250.
Commentator Tatyana Manyanok which constantly engaged this topic, predicts enormous complexity gas talks:

Sergei Sidorsky said that the greatest value — is 140 bucks

"Since Belarus very fundamentally agree not only on prices for the next year, and on the coming couple of years. Most recently, Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky said that the greatest value — is 140 bucks. He leaves with a preliminary forecasts of the Ministry of Economic Development Rasei.Ale when these forecasts were drawn up, no one took into account that the price of oil will rise so fast. And at the moment the situation with oil is completely different. But the Belarusian side, in spite of this, ask that the cost was specifically such that recorded in an inter-end 2006. "

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