What abilities training and employment for people with disabilities?

Under the law, people with disabilities have incentives to enroll in universities: out of competition (not counting spetsyyalnastsyav "international affairs", "Law", "Medical and Pharmaceutical" also contest where more than 5 persons) with 6 points in the certificate of admission tests in subjects credited with disabilities Groups I and II, children with disabilities. In secondary special educational institutions in the past year 1200 has learned disabilities, higher — about 2000. Higher education has about 10% of people with disabilities.
Basically, if a person really wants to get an education, withdo it it may. Maybe not quite a common example — Danuta Lebedev, which carried on sturdy people.
Born in the village Pyatrylavichy Stolbtsovsky district. In early childhood the girl was diagnosed osteagenez, shortage of calcium, of — frequent broken legs. And the coming school was in an adjoining village, 5 kilometers. Danuta ancestors decided to send in special boarding Ivenets:
"Certainly, very much like being at home, but I am very grateful to destiny that have been specifically those years there. Indeed, there we were true" relevant institutions ", where we were taught to live, and there were very heavy demands on the students. "
In 1989 Danuta entered the Faculty Pedagogical University, the correspondence department. On the 3rd year got married and had offspring. Went into a sabbatical. But successfully graduated from university. It is clear that for all the love for the kids and the best knowledge taught in school fails. Wanted to dial circle devchenok and teach them to knit in the rods hook. Came in the Leninsky district education department with such a proposal. But then-head of the district Maria Vladimirovna Soroka urgently recommended to get a second specialty: they need a psychologist helpline. On training faculty was only full-time study.
"We are trained in the second shift, and I first husband drove the cart to class. Later brother drove by car. Eventually I got my degree psychologist, began working on a telephone hotline in their own homes. Organized parallel circle" Through hardship to the stars " where I wanted to show children with disabilities, that all may be in this life, do not despair, you need to take what you have, razglyadetstsa what you can, slowly climb slightly more special. Now you are able to complete the course, ends tomorrow second, just do not do this stagnation in his own soul. "
Second example — Sergei Gaykovich that operates sports columnist "Regional newspapers" in Maladzechna. Born in the village clean. Teachers taught him at home, while, especially serious about this, for what they Sergey very grateful. Entered mehmat BSU:
"Select universities on the principle, that was provided barrier-free environment. They chose BSU, specifically where my problems did not appear, I could get on the floor at least some, to call in every audience. During his first year on the car I drove to Minsk dad drive all lectures (taking leave from work), and later drove only on tests and exams. "
Higher education is provided first horizons systematyzue cognition, says Sergey. He found himself in sports journalism. Help phone and computer. Sergey gives this advice to other people with disabilities:
"When I studied in school, I was not spared in terms of learning. Necessary very seriously treat people with disabilities as seriously as to healthy people. And to ensure that for you to seriously. If you have the physical ability limited, you need to choose the intellectual work. And most importantly — do what you love. I love sports. I found myself in the sport as a journalist. "
And Sergei Gaykovich and Danuta Lebedeva lucky — assist loved ones. What to do those who still lay only on itself? Exit — distance education. But for this you need a computer. In addition, developed a program that is not yet enough. Danuta Lebedev believes that there people with disabilities who have received higher education, and even a degree can assist:
"With today’s developments beg the Ministry of Education: teach me to create other distance learning courses via computer. We will be able to get an education. I think, it could be. "
Public comment editor week Daria Fox:
"It is fundamentally (and for a healthy person and ailing) to get a good education and realized in a life as a specialist. If you’re headed to the station in a wheelchair, things get complicated: home school, higher education in question. Why? Since our institutions — this endless stairs and elevators in the absence of a suitable location. student and his parents, like it or not, and have to be heroes. Maybe there are pleasant exceptions, but I have not met.
Output does distance learning. In Belarus is phenomenon is only just beginning. While you can read just about distance education with elements dystantsyynastsi.
However, it is worth recalling the ability to receive distance learning Edu — a promising direction. But after it ("opposition"!) Try to get where … then Especially since people with limited physical abilities.
Obviously, not everyone is able to learn remotely without personal (real) contacts with teachers and classmates. Specifically refer myself to such category.
In any case, wheelchair users (and his family) should very seriously consider the choice of the future profession and the ability to apply knowledge acquired in life. "

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