What fate awaits the very old one building complex Minsk?

Rostislav Borovoj history of Minsk in the broad sense and the history of architecture and it has been more than 30 years. Some idea of the old quarter of the town had before.
Minsk know was built on century
Unique, in the opinion of professionals, the discovery is made not so long ago: in 2005 the study of the historical center of Minsk Rostislav Borovoj collected historical and archival material in which the value is confirmed by findings:
"Tightly engaged in this house a year earlier, as part of an order for restoration of the building. House for today’s historic step really unique, as 95% of the housing stone buildings of Minsk, which was in the eighteenth century — the beginning of the XIX century, we litsezreem on most earliest plans Minsk suffered during the war.
And after the war, no one thought to restore it eventually abandoned such ideas. And that the building on the corner of Komsomolskaya and Revolutionary, in its own base, he has two houses of the eighteenth century. One thing later middle of the eighteenth century, and the second — the end of the same century. In addition, was the completion of the mass in the XIX and XX centuries, even first. Because at the moment we have almost closed "yard-well."
Said house in legal acts and in the references There is as "a monument to the eclectic architecture of the XIX century and classical features of Empire." But in the archival documents (in including graphic), to find the sovereign Hog, recorded in some detail the main stages in the formation of a complex over over 100 years — from the middle of the XVIII to the early twentieth century.
Most of early documents are placed in the materials "Eksdyvizii Marsentava", dated 1817 year. According to the then on, the complex has incorporated two stone houses — "a small two-story on the right side of the yard and a large two-story Koydanovskoy in the street." For the text part "Eksdyvizii …" provide a detailed diagram of the complex — "put on the corner and Felitsyyanavsky Koydanovskoy stanaviv trapetsyyu isosceles with sides 20, 11 and 16 yards."
Will it save historical pieces?
Curiously, neither the first nor second floors had no 1st window from the street, but only with access to the courtyard. But in the following decades the structure more than once perfected, were completed, with the result that there were not only new windows, and additional floors, which gave a new shape of the structure.

How convinced Rostislav Borovoy, with the remaining buildings need to do very deliberately. Please identify those pieces home from which all, in fact, began. Already alone for yourself archival documents have considerable enthusiasm for the public because of the homes of the wealthy inhabitants of the XVII-XVIII Minsk centuries even researchers not enough that know:
"All of these alterations, and completion may be necessary to" isolate. "Please talk about the eighteenth century facades — one on Komsomolskaya street, the second — on the revolutionary. Other words, in the process of restoration to visually distinguish them from the" architectural volumes "of this complex" .
Building an exclusive or significant argument?
Will not it, that the fate of the unique structure of the repeat history Minsk other developments, and even entire neighborhoods, when in place of old foundations and even surviving buildings pose practically new — from modern materials and new technologies?
"Unfortunately, over the past 50 years in the practice of restoration came in and has already become practically this is a technique that applies even pochetaemymi recognized and all spices — says Rostislav Borovoy. — On my eyes, in Minsk, we really have to go to some places such things. For example, if I want to return the part (and such proposals were) granted Minsk citadel, of course, would have to raise anew, in other words to make "new buildings".
As a negative example here can recall the practice of building on Commerce Street, which can hardly be regarded as justified. It kind of casts, and partly just brand new buildings.
About the house on the corner of the Komsomol and the Revolutionary general can not initially so the question is — technique restoration should be sustained from "A" to "Z", all materials must be authentic, etc. Only in this case, for example, on the second floor of the supporting structures are not maintained, then it is possible in some places there putting a metal support (by the way, it may be that in the XIX century, and already there were steel beams). But it is in the latter case, and in each case must be is caused due to an option. "
So makarom, house number 11/7 (Komsomolskaya / Revolutionary) — a single building complex within the historical center of the town, which survived until our days. In view of these circumstances, says Rostislav Borovoj fundamentally take into account not only the value of the structure that justified its antiquity and complex history, and personal factors such as "originality." All this, of course, turns the house at the corner of the Komsomol and Revolutionary in a unique historical and cultural site.

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