What fruits give support group of political prisoners?

This will be the second attempt to start the process over Dmitry Dashkevich. Activist was sentenced on November 6, but the lawyer complained that not consistent with the terms of reference Dashkevycha court decision, and the process was moved to Friday. Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski not divide version whereby power transfer so try to knock a wave of protest against the persecution Dashkevycha. According Bialiatski, the tribunal only reinsured for the future:
"It is more difficult to break the procedural aspects than endure unjust sentence. Indeed, in case supreme tribunal can always cancel the action, which is referred to the tribunal. Because — like it or not — must adhere to any rules. "
According to the views of Ales Bialiatski, actions in support of political prisoners is needed first in order to let the public know about the situation with human rights country.
Dmitry Dashkevich threatens to 6 months in prison in addition to the year and a half, which he gave last year for his role in an unregistered organization. Then next to the Tribunal activists "Young Front" carried crowded solidarity actions. Now repeat similar, does not exclude Anastasia Loikaw. The woman says that solidarity is needed first to those who fell under repression:
"We always say that Dashkevich sits for us since we did together total a much needed thing. And the fact that he is behind bars — it only highlights. Fact that people come in, supporting, and he inspires hope that everything was not in vain. "
But Anastasia Loiko states and reminder about the importance of arbitrators: illegal sentences will certainly be revised. Activist is convinced that sentences for political prisoners reality make power, and not a tribunal.
"Occasionally, but there are excuses"
Valer Shchukin first in November followed a similar process. Pinsky businessman Alexander Vasillevu threatened administrative arrest for the company Tipo unsanctioned rally and calls for a strike, but ultimately the tribunal acquitted him.
"Occasionally, but it happens — says Shchukin. — Especially when coming to a provincial tribunal many people, it works. There came from Brest, from Baranovichi I was from Vitebsk. Even wrote a complaint to the referee when I forbade use the recorder. And all this can be somehow affected the decision. "
Or be allowed to This time people on trial Dmitry Dashkevich? My interlocutors were convinced that this would not happen. "The authorities fear people again shall see nadumanastsi charges and the lack of evidence, "- says Ales Bialiatski.
The trial of Dmitry Dashkevich should start at 9 o’clock in the morning.
Another tribunal threatens another Young Front Artur Finkevich who is serving time in Mogilev restraint for political graffiti. Arthur Finkevich instituted new criminal case — for violation of the punishment that threatens imprisonment up to three years.
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