What Putin and Lukashenko silent?

Who does not wish to trade friendship with Russia Alexander Lukashenko? Can we say that the question of Russian loan to Belarus is already solved? These and other issues in the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" discussions are political columnist for "Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk Bykovskii and chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina.

Vitaly TsigankovTsigankov"During the meeting with Vladimir Putin Alexander Lukashenko said the ritual phrase about relations with Russia: "We never friendship with the Russian trade is not and will not do business." With all of this on both sides of the public does not yet commented most apparently sharp prepyadstviya in bilateral relations — the cost of gas and recognition Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Or is it a fact that the balance swung in the direction of, or it is just the usual rhetoric? "
"The balance is not leaned towards Europe"
Kalinkina"Most likely, these words suggest that the balance has not swung in the direction of Europe. All steps outside Tipo made towards Europe, in fact does not mean that Belarus is ready to revise its business with Russia and try to get out of hand impact of its own eastern neighbor ".
Bykovskii"In fact, the balance will not really staggered. Another question that the regime spent auction — the highest bidder: West or our homeland. But it was not done in order to really go to the West, and that our homeland has raised the cost, in other words more than paid for the allied cause. And in this case, Lukashenko said his everyday phrase that in no way does not reveal any configurations in politics. "
"Our homeland took a course on political rhetoric on economic expansion"
Tsigankov"Vladimir Putin said today that Moscow was ready" to support the Belarusian monetary system. " Of course, there is an issue of 2-billion loan. Or the loan is so important at this point for the Belarusian economy? "

KalinkinaKalinkina"All discussions about the global monetary crisis has not affected the Belarusian economy — are statements that are designed to calm the public. We could not stay away, because Belarusian banks are just more in Russian banks borrow. Our banking system runs on zabugornyh debt crisis because we walked by.
But it seems to me that the question of the loan was actually agreed to this meeting and it was agreed by ministers of money — they are the two last days working on this. This is not important in the negotiations Putin and Lukashenko.
In economic relations appeared a new method. On the first place put common customs regulations on the second — the creation of so-called "cash pool", and the third — the introduction of the single currency. This, in my opinion, shows that our homeland has set its sights on the political rhetoric on economic expansion. "

Pavljuk BykovskiiBykovskii"In my opinion, you can read that Putin sought to avoid excessive hopes for this meeting. Nakruchvalasya For the situation so that Minsk has to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia. But Lukashenko did not intend at the moment to do it and gave it to realize that puts this question before the convening of the new membership of the Assembly, to be held in November. Because before Putin’s visit to Minsk Russian agency announced Tipo leak from the Kremlin, that this issue will not open a discussion. Indeed, it is not publicly open a discussion.
With regard to tilt the economic issues at the moment is just such a position Putin that he should open a discussion specifically on economic issues. Together with that sounded nothing definite. Will the loan Our homeland? — The decision is not yet announced. Said — "will support." But the same was said and 6 months back. By the way, the Belarusian Minister of Economy Andrew Kharkavets in principle not expect from this meeting that a particular issue with the credit will now be resolved, at a meeting with journalists was that "sight" such issues are not resolved.
As the price of gas, this question should not have been voiced now, because it is — the subject of negotiations between the "Beltransgaz" and "Gazprom". Of course, now Lukashenko and Putin discussed it — but not for the public. Because let’s not jump ahead and read, whether they choose to this dilemma — most likely it will become clear after the technical meeting of representatives of "Beltransgaz" and "Gazprom".

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