What they say about the BNF congress participants?

With the congress delegates from Minsk and other Belarusian regions correspondent discusses "Freedom."
Karespanzhentka: "Member Sojma BPF Vaclav nuts, what are your memories of walking the Congress?"
"The Congress is normally the least conflicted than anyone previously thought."
"My name is Avsenka Alexander I of Pinsk. Go usual debate in the European style, there is a healthy competition. So must . "
"I’m Edward Brokarau — Managing Gorki district party organization. Fully positive memories, people here are engaged in business. Relapses There Communist reports and so called "Raids" on their own enemies. But it is we are regular party work. And if Vyachorka will manage the party, it will be fine, and if Mihalevitch — it will be fine, and if Ivashkevich — will not be too terrible. "
"My name is Gregory Kastusyou Shklow I came from, I am manage Mogilev regional organizations BNF. And for me the most important thing — and hope that it is now the front is resolved — to make better implementation of the potential that is in front. "
Reporter: "What are your memories and hopes which take the outcome of the Congress?"
"My name is Andrew Paluda I came from Mogilev — east our country. I first congress of waiting order to the party sought to change. I hope that this congress will only give this game dynamics and it will only strengthen. "
"Boris Vyrvich, Belynichy. Recollection while most positive, the beginning of the Congress came out quite successful, the discussion moves in kastruktyvnym way. And, of course, from the congress, I initially expect change. Political Party should not remain a cultural organization. Political Party must comply with its own name and be aimed at the political preconditions. "
"Oleg Yurkin — vice-chairman October council organization BNF in Minsk. I hope that in the end of this Congress, in 1-x, the front is a single entity. In-2-that make it valid and effective work. And I hope that the subsequent Congress already from government positions will advance. That’s hopes. "

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