What will be the compensation for lost benefits policemen?

Government decree, whereby police receive compensation for lost benefits in the form of free travel, already signed by Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky. Payments will be referred to the introduction of compensation for official vehicles for official purposes. Compensation provided large: Officer, Ministry Interior, Minsk city council or regional police can count on 150 bucks kazhdomesyachnogo application to wages, employees of internal organs at the district level — 130 bucks application, other payments for 110 bucks.
Observers have estimated that today’s budget benefits treated much cheaper. While police ride in public transport for free, demonstrating the controller service certificates. At an average price of 40 thousand travel it means, that every month transport allowance on each policeman is 20 bucks. Compensation also offers payment least 100 bucks. "Pay the same will not be many, but only those who do the maintenance tasks," — said to me in the press service of the Interior Ministry, but a clear mechanism for compensation not been explained. Managing the press service of Catherine Samusenkova-Shelehava said that it needed time to study the document, but after her phone was silent.
Human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla believes Bureaucrats always went out and brought the opportunity to fill for themselves certain loss of cancellation of privileges. As for the general population, particularly from his pocket will pay compensation to policemen:
"The Council of Ministers of Belarus disposes of the property in including and collect taxes in the form of a budget. With what judgment he would give such compensation law enforcement agencies? In fact, as they say, their bayonets keeps the current regime. "

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