When the British government solves the problem of difficult childhood, Hitler is better to stand on the sidelines

In 2009, the prime ministers of Britain and Australia apologized for the program to send thousands of children in the former British colony in the 20th century. According to her "poor children were sent to a" better life "in Australia, Canada and other countries. However, some of these children have been abused there, many have become laborers on farms. "

This system existed only in Britain. And there was … almost 400 years! The initiative has been made already in the 17th century! In 1618, the first group of children was taken to the British colony of Virginia in the United States …. The government educated in Britain, the European ancestors of freedom and democracy, it turns out, not only convicts are sent to the distant overseas colonies! Still, it takes away tens of thousands of young children there.

To begin with they were real orphans, but, in the end, under this program began to fall, and children from large poor families who are struggling to make ends meet. England entered the heyday of human rights. The government was forced to carry out an any social policy, to establish shelters for children and provide benefits to their contents to the poor. But the bureaucrats were all their lifetime bureaucrat. We decided to save. Keep children in distant overseas colonies was much cheaper.

In addition, in such a way to deal with 'udachnenko "question of the distribution of the gene pool of the British Commonwealth in the lands …

It is significant that under this program fall only children belonging to the Caucasoid race. So the idea was carried out to strengthen the racial unity of the British Empire. We had to inhabit the earth as fully British Empire …















The worst thing that children simply torn from their families. In this case, the children were told their parents were dead, and parents informed of the death of the children! Kids (youngest was 4 years old, the oldest 14 years old, most children — 7-10 years) were loaded onto ships and taken parties in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Zimbabwe, mainly in Australia. The most conservative estimate is about 130,000 children … especially the British government has grown expert in this matter after the Second World War, when it was particularly difficult. Mostly migration then carried it to Australia. Statistics say that in this period (40-60s of the 20th century) England have taken about 10,000 children and 7,000 — in Australia).

How to write the articles on the subject, which the children were taken away from what they were accustomed to, and expensive, their mothers and fathers, promised mountains of gold to the skies …. Oranges and Sunshine (oranges and sunshine). They told stories about the "land of Milk and Honey", where they will live happily, to go to school on horseback on the road tearing the fruit of the trees growing on the side … But in the end everything was judged a terrible reality. Cut off from the people they were really expensive, the children found themselves in a completely uncontrolled environment where up to them, nobody cared. They had no passports or kakih-nibud little bit IDs. They were NO. Often when transporting parted brothers and sisters, communication with parents is being lost.

Despite the fact that this was done almost perfectly decent organization — all sorts of Catholic mission and school boards, flagrant lawlessness reigned here. In Canada, some of the children arranged in a family of farmers, and it was probably the best option if you do not count the fact that the farmers did not care about education adoptees and did not hide the fact that they need them as free labor. There was even some terrible trials of the murder of these children foster parents. As far as Australia and New Zealand, the children here in the vast majority fall either into numerous faceless Catholic orphanages or immediately were loaded onto a truck and transported like cattle to the remote on the plantations where they shamelessly used as laborers.












It is now recognized that the conditions of children in those institutions were simply outrageous and a dozen orders of magnitude lower than similar establishments in Britain itself. Education for the children were given a minimum flourished physical punishment, hard labor and overtime, unsanitary conditions, the complete lack of safety and sexual harassment. Numerous scandals about this. Dozens of cases of suicides kids. Hundreds injured physically, mentally maimed thousands.

This shameful practice ended only in 1967 ….

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