Whether created in Belarus barrier-free environment for the disabled?

Currently in Belarus for more than 15 thousand wheelchair. To a person with limited physical abilities to move around town, must be addressed least three main tasks. In 1-x, buildings, hills in the subway, subways must be equipped with ramps. In-2, urban transport should be a low stage, so that people in wheelchairs could just drop into the salon. And in-3, it is necessary that were comfortable, lightweight wheelchairs for mobility.
On last week Baranavichy journalists held experience: tried on his experience experience as feels people with disabilities. Ales knows Gizun:
"Two hours with excessive traveled to the town, its own forces was only enough for 5 minutes to turn the wheels strollers and so handy help employee. Though it seems that the city is quite well equipped with ramps, an invalid simply no ability on their uzehats. Only more less well equipped in Baranovichi ramp — to the city council. Same thing with public transport. wheelchair Man with raised and recorded in a public transport as much as four people. Overall experience reminded heroic exploit. "
According to the State of applets bezbar» ernym environment for 2007-2010,» fraction of objects adapted for the disabled, should Strength from 20 to 50%. In Minsk soon there are special races for wheelchairs. But usually they only lead to the doors of buildings. Stage and podium in a wheelchair can not be overcome. Head of the Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Belarus Galina Trofimenko reads:
"There are municipal programm creation of barrier-free environment. Only recently begun to realize it, but almost all manufactured. Although new home and new buildings for different organizations — they all have to be created with the criteria for disabled people, to give them access. "
For this program there will be spent on investment in 20 special passenger cars, 800 buses and trolley buses with low floors.
Big problem — Strollers
Most of the disabled people complain about the inconvenience of not a good quality and accessible, which gives the government. Stroller weighs around 30 kg., A stroller for adults even harder. According to the views of the chairman of the Republican Association of wheelchair Sergei Drozdowski, the problem is that the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belarusian orthopedic rehabilitation center" — a monopolist on the Belarusian market:
"90 percent of the trucks in our market — it is blocked. Turns specifically to the enterprise of the Ministry requested the purchase of rehabilitation equipment, and they also create them. Plus terrain plant laboratory that evaluates rehabilitation equipment. Turns out, in one person, virtually all — the whole sphere. I come to the factory, they say to me — well, look, what a beautiful sleigh. Begin to explain why he was clumsy, awkward than it is bad — but nobody listens to me. Last time we even filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office and state control, so were purchased as strollers, which quite impossiblecould use. Almost sexes held. "
Sleigh with automatic control of the German company "Mexra" worth 3 thousand euros. But his small front wheels, which are not always held on Belarusian roads. A more appropriate criterion for local strollers are 7 thousand euros. In Belarus, unlike Russia and Ukraine, there is no ability to get a stroller with automatic control through the organs of public security.
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