Whether the impact of U.S. sanctions on the official Minsk projects in Venezuela?

According to the "Belneftekhim" Bronislaw grayish, oil production in Venezuela will begin in This year.
Oil exports in this country engaged in only one oil company "PDVSA". According to grayish when the oil production to meet the price and quality of Belarusians, held talks for her purchases. Or if anything has changed nibudt in these plans in connection with the U.S. sanctions?
Bronislaw Sivyi declined to comment — referring to the fact that he is not authorized to do so. Answered the question and concern spokesman Viktor Azarov:
"I these issues not comment. All comments issued by the Ministry of foreign affairs. I do not comment on these issues — well, why they ask, well! And I will say no more. "
Deputy General Director of "Belorusneft" Valery Beskopylny said:
"I think that, of course, it can and will cause some inconvenience. But in any case they will not damage our main objective, which we currently put in front of him in Venezuela, namely".
Chairman of the House Committee on Industry Anatoly Pavlovich associates sanctions with projects in Venezuela:
"We want there to participate in projects of oil production. Later this oil must implement nowhere. Oil now needed everywhere, in globally — not only in the United States. "
Capital analyst Andrey Suzdaltsev sure sanctions indirectly hit by the plans of the official Minsk in Venezuela.
"One thing to sell here in Europe. And another thing — work on the South American mainland. Oil, which is going to produce Belarus, languid, with a huge amount of sulfur. Not many businesses it is processed. Has two such factories in the United States.
No problems can be traced to what oil is poured. Freezing of accounts — an indirect ban on the sale of petroleum products in the United States. "
Mises Center economist Yaroslav Romanchuk said that it sanctions against the regime, but not to Belarus:
"This is a political and psychological pressure on management our country, because without it, these agreements do not occur. It also shot itself in the interests which the Belarusian authorities twist authoritarian monarch Chavez. They can it mattersbe formally through "Belneftekhim", and in any other offshore company.
That "Belneftekhim" through some entities registered outside the country, working with Venezuela, I consider as personal interests nomenclature.
Hugo Chavez has just arranged with Lukashenko on what criteria. But it is not a contract with the state of the structure, and with pavpryvatnymi or personal structures that are title "Belneftekhim". This is something that would block implementation of commercial projects of our government officials. "

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