White slaves in the United States and Britain

White child slaves working in the mine in England, 19th century. Left two children with little or no clothing. So rabotalii boys and girls. 
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Two years ago, Australian Prime Minister refused to express "due respect" Queen of Great Britain during her state visit to Australia. This member of the British Parliament for the Conservative Party Terry Dicks said: "This is a country of ex-felons, so do not be surprised rudeness of their prime minister." 

Such an offense would have been impossible to imagine against people of any other class or race, but not against the descendants of white slaves. Most of the Australian "criminals" were sent into captivity for such "crimes" as stealing a few meters of rope, the cutting of trees in the estate of an aristocrat or slaughtering sheep to feed a family die of hunger. 

Arrogant disregard of the aristocracy of the Holocaust, which happened to poor whites and working lyudom Britain, continues to this day, because the history of that era is almost completely removed from our collective memory. 

If and recognizes the existence of white slaves in America, it is almost always referred to as "contractual serfdom" or part of the trade concluded that after 1776 moved from America to Australia. By law Uoltema of 1723 brought to America probably 100,000 "criminals".

Those serfs under the contract, which practiced such a short period of four to seven years, nadraivaya master's silver and china, and then took place in colonial high society, were a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of white slaves, who from the early 17th century, died in this country of hard work. 

About a fifth of arriving in the American colonies were white slaves, and they were the first slaves to America. These were white slaves all their lives long before there appeared negros. This slavery was also hereditary. Children of white slaves also became slaves. 

White sold at auction, with the children could tear away from their parents and sold separately, and women were separated from their husbands. Blacks are the owners of the property were walking through the streets of the northern and the southern cities of America, and at the same time, white slaves rend the sugar mills of Barbados and Jamaica and the plantations of Virginia. 
The establishment has created a false term "contract slavery" to explain and downplay the fact of slavery among whites. But the "serfs" White in the first decades of the United States called themselves slaves. Nine-tenths of white slavery in America was held without any contracts in accordance with the so-called "tradition of the country", which has a life of slavery, which was carried out by white slavers. 

According to the laws of Virginia, George Sandys white into captivity "forever." White, assigned to the Virginia colony Berkliz Handrid, were to serve as "forever." This information has been carefully removed from a highly recommended reference books, such as throwing a grin Ebota Emerson Smith's book "The colonists in captivity."

I'm willing to bet that if any researcher will explore colonial America of the 17th century, carefully scan all documents, jargon and laws on both sides of the Atlantic, he finds that white slavery was much more massive operation than the enslavement of blacks. Only in the 18th century are beginning to come across cases of "bondage" on the basis of the contract. But even then, the Anglo-Saxons were abducted into slavery, not only did the slaves of the prisoners.

In 1855, Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who created Central Park in New York, went to an entertaining tour of Alabama, and saw a decent height in the hold of a ship dumped bales of cotton. Down quite risky throwing bales negros, and in the hold were Irish. 

Olmsted inquired about this captain. "Well, — he said — is to risk Negroes can not be too expensive, and if the Irish throw overboard or it will break your back, no one loses."

Before the British slave traders began to travel to the West African coast, and buy from local chiefs black slaves, they sold into slavery by his own working people ("extra poor," as they were called) c streets of British cities. Tens of thousands of white slaves — it's stolen children. The word "Kidnapping" is otkid "child" and nab «grab" that is, the kidnapping of white children in bondage. 
The dictionary English Dictionary of the Underworld, this explanation is given to the word 'kidnapper': «the man who steals other people, especially children, initially to be sent to a plantation in North America."

Centers of trafficking slaves were the port cities of England and Scotland:
"Roamed the streets of gangs hired by local merchants, grabbing the 'boys, which were good for the slave trade." Children crowd drove around the city and to send locked in sheds … This practice was so widespread that the villagers near Aberdeen tried not to take the children with her in the city, fearing that they may be kidnapped, and the secret collusion between dealers, suppliers, and even kidnappers Magistrates were so widespread that the person who opened it, was forced to publicly repent and flee from the city »(Van derZee, Bound Over, p. 210).

During transportation to the colony in the 17-18 centuries the white slaves were dying in large numbers. On the way to the white slaves are usually not released from the holds all 9-12 weeks of swimming. White slave locked up in a kennel up to 16 feet chained together with a 50-D other slaves to the board, with shackles around his neck. Weeks in the hold of the musty often ended in outbreaks of infectious diseases that mows "cargo" white slaves, chained in the womb of the ship. 

On the way to the U.S. ships were losing up to half of the white slaves. Historian Sharon Salinger writes, "Fragmentary evidence suggests that the mortality rate among [White] servants at certain times equaled mortality [black] slaves on their way from Africa, and in some periods and mortality exceed [Black] slaves." Salinger gives the average figures of mortality among black slaves on their way to the United States for the entire 18th century by 10-20 percent for white slave mortality was 25%.

Foster Dulles in the book «Labor in America: A History» contends that as criminals and "secretly stolen" children, as well as political prisoners "have experienced extreme hardship and suffering on the way across the Atlantic, which can be compared with the cruel suffering that battered slaves -Blacks at the infamous marshruteMiddle Passage [from equatorial Africa to America]. "

Dulles said that "white indiscriminately herded to 'white svinovozy', sometimes up to 300 people for small vessels of not more than 200 tons, they were overcrowded, unsanitary conditions prevailed there … sometimes death rate reached 50%, and small children rarely survived the horror which lasted from seven to twelve weeks. "
Independent researcher A.B.Ellis in the Argosy writes about the transport of white slaves: "The human cargo, among whom were many people with unhealed wounds, could not go to bed at the same time, if you do not go at each other. They were never allowed to go out on deck. Luke was in the hold under the constant supervision of guards, armed with daggers and muskets. In the dungeon below deck darkness reigned, the stench, lamentation, disease and death. "

Marcus Dzhernegan describes the greed of shipowners, which led to the terrible loss of white slaves transported to America:
"Swimming is often repeated the horrors of that famous path that brought slaves from Africa. The average load consisted of 300 people, but for the sake of greater profits captain could occasionally download a small vessel up to 600 people … In such circumstances, the mortality was extremely high, sometimes more than half …… Mittelberger (witness) said that he had seen during a single voyage threw overboard the bodies of thirty-two children. "
"Trading companies — importers of (White) servants with them does not stand on ceremony, as an increasingly important part of the deal was for them to reach South Carolina, where they can pick up local produce and take her to Europe. Vrezultate Irish — and others — suffered greatly …

"As if the British traders have redirected their vessels from the African coast to the coast of Ireland, and white servants went largely under the same conditions as African slaves" (Warren Smith. White slavery in colonial South Carolina).


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