Who violate the law in the case of Dashkevich?

The court session was short, about an hour. Tatiana Kashkina referee was obliged to complete the examination of the case — in fact violated the procedure of informing the defendant of the beginning of the trial. Zmitser Dashkevich get a copy of the beginning of the trial for 5 days in advance.
"The Tribunal found that the decision was Dashkevich about the purpose of the court session on November 1, in other words, less than a full 5 days. Due to this trial was moved to 10:00 am on November 9," — said immediately after leaving the bullpen, where Tribunal held, lawyer Alexander Dashkevich Galiyev.
The hearing was closed.
Alexander continues Galiyev:
"As a closed court hearing, the tribunal shall issue an order that the meeting will be closed. This retreat hearing, and as it passes at sensitive sites, the rules of the regime of the object."
At this court hearing were only actors.
In the room where the Tribunal held, do not miss friends Dmitry Dashkevich, journalists of independent media and a representative of the South American Embassy Krishak Louis. Support Dmitry Dashkevich arrived more than 30 people.
The tribunal was not allowed and Father Dmitry Vyacheslav Dashkevycha.
"I was at the head of the colony, he gave me the phone Shklovsky chairman of the district court, said that he could solve this problem. I got through to him, and he does not have desired me read — said that it was not his competence.
I went back to the chief. There was chairman of the department of punishment execution in Mogilev region. He said that the arbitrator violated the law — he owed solve this question, one way or another. We have nothing to do, we just guarded.
I do not want to be angry prophet, but nothing I do not expect decent. Let me forgive offspring "- said" Freedom "Vyacheslav Dashkevich.
The tribunal did not let the second representative of the South American Embassy in Belarus Krishak Louis. He failed to meet with the chief of the colony Valery Ilioushenko. While there was a tribunal, the emperor was at Krishak bullpen.
"As I know, by the Constitution of Belarus consideration of cases in all courts shall be open. We were observers on vessels previously — and will follow in the coming. Closed process — a bad symbol for human rights," — said "freedom" of the South American Embassy representative Luis Krishak.
Support came politician Dmitry Dashkevich Siuchyk.
"I sent a note — Dmitry Dashkevich again willing to torture. Because I do not think that they are just now learned about procedural niceties that allowed them to move a closed hearing on a day or three."
But the outlook of the 1st of the favorites "Young Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk.
"Dmitry wish to isolate constantly. Letters do not reach Him. He wants to show that he Tipo one. Also they wish not to let the public see that disenfranchisement that occurs. Indeed Article 402 for the first time used it as unprecedented in principle."
Out of the court room and journalists remained municipal media — Belarusian television crew and editor Shklou regional newspaper "shock front" Alexander Byalyasav.
An eyewitness in the legislation:
Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 7, "Other members of the criminal process"
Article 60. Witness
3rd Witness has the right to:
First not to incriminate himself, members of his own family and relatives;
For the seventh refusal or evasion to testify (except persons designated Fri 1 Part 3 of Article true) or in advance for giving false readings eyewitness responsible in accordance with Articles 401 and 402 of the Criminal Code.

Criminal code
St. 401 Pre-fouling
Advance incorrect eyewitness testimony ….. punishable by a fine or by corrective labor for up to 2 years, or imprisonment up to 6 months, or restraint of liberty for up to 2 years.
St. 402 Refusal or evasion witness or victim from testifying or from a professional translator or carry out their obligations
Refusal or evasion witness or victim from testifying … Punishable by a fine or prapravchymi labor for up to 2 years, or imprisonment for up to 6 months Note. A person shall not be criminally responsible if the refusal or evasion to testify against himself, members of his own family and relatives

Currently Zmitser Dashkevich is serving his sentence — 18 months in prison for role in an unregistered organization. He has been detained since 15 September 2006.
Dashkevich refused to testify against his own teammate Ivan Shyla, an activist of "Young Front" Salihorsk are charged for and was convicted in This year together with other Malady activities on behalf of an unregistered organization.
If the tribunal recognizes Dmitry Dashkevich guilty, he faces up to 3 years in prison

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