Who will give money Lukashenko Moscow or the West?

Politicians React on this visit and the prospects of the Belarusian-Russian relations.

Denis MelyantsouMinsk analyst Denis Melyantsou focuses its attention on two theses Alexander Lukashenko of his conversation with the Russian prime minister. 1st — Allied relations need an additional boost. And second — Belarus will never trade her friendship with Russia and its people.
Political analyst notes that calls for deeper integration appear every now and then:
"This shows that things are in decline. And second — Belarusian management tries to increase their stakes in this bargaining with Russia.
Rumors that Lukashenko offered in Europe to 10 billion euro loan. And now the Belarusian management expect to see what will be able to offer our homeland. It is necessary to decide whether to continue further rapprochement with the West, or is still to balance the ratio of Russian and Belarusian. "
Sovereign Melyantsou coupled with the fact argues that it is necessary to devote their attention not only on the words of Alexander Lukashenko, and to his deeds:
"Acts of these manifest likely during the negotiation of gas. And they usually last November-December. And on those positions that will be at the talks, will say, and how are political negotiations between Belarus and Russia."
Chairman of the House of Representatives of the current convocation Vadim Popov states that the relationship between states, first, characterizes their economic cooperation. And here clearly demonstrate the large number of fruit Belarus cooperation with Russia:
"Not so long ago, Russian President called the number — the trade turnover with Belarus This year exceed 30 billion dollars. In fact, he will be over 40 billion Compare — was 26 billion in services and is a 40. Here are answers to all the questions of those who waver. "

Yaroslav RomanchukManaging analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk considers: the current negotiations with the management of the Belarusian Vladimir Putin has not yet determine the cost of Russian gas for Belarus. His world, he explains as follows:
"Strongly here many such factors, which must be taken into account. Since the economy in this cost 20-25%. And the rest — this is politics, geopolitics. Such alignment."
Yaroslav Romanchuk predicts monetary power of Russians will decrease rapidly:
"The Russians have already given 50 billion dollars to save their own banks. Later they are going to still give the same amount. If this goes on, I think that in two years all of the stabilization fund will be spent. Especially since, now that the price of oil below that Kudrin has budgeted.
And, of course, the Russians will try to do something to not allow certain countries receive grants, not even giving political dividends for Russia. Because there is pressure on Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Missile Defense … It will be such a large-scale pressure. "

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