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Valentin Azure — Novelist, essayist, poet, former editor of the magazine "Hedgehog" (for his editorship first saw the light of the prince’s poem "The Tale of the right Bald Mountain"), the party bureaucrat who promoted the establishment of the state television, the chronicler peremptory scrape the pros and cons of the Belarusian culture Deputy head editor of the magazine "Neman" — a symbol protest censored literary creation power holding, he resigned from the editorial board, together with its other employees.
Valentin Azure was born in Grodno, in the village of Island Shchuchyn area. Worked in local and regional newspapers. From 1968 to 1987 — in the Party. Half so far — as head of television and radio sector Central PBC. Just then approached him with the poet Gennady Buraukin, which virtually created the National Radio and Television. He recalls:

Gennady Buraukin"Frankly, in the period of which presently remember, maybe a few, but remember even with wonder and joy, Valentine put in this case very many and his soul sincere, and even its own bureaucratic skills. After all, if he had not covered many of our cases, as in the Central Committee of the Communist Party, we almost all not something that was not possible, and we would almost all would not be allowed. Then, let them have a little, but it was the brightest personalities such as Valentin, who listened to that were not afraid to take risks and could assure larger officials. And now look at how those who sits in the same building — and my God! — Even on their faces shows what a stranger, which is indifferent to them and our culture, and even more so Literature. "
Many unknown facts about the struggle of the Belarusian intelligentsia in their culture can be found in the documentary story lyrically Valentine Lazur "resurrection of the last day", which is the continuation of the journal is printed in "verb" of 31 rooms. Personal testimonies Valentine azure of the time and people said Gennady Buraukin principal historical document:
"This book recalls how hard done our Belarusian history is not even in such far too time and how we need to cherish the achievements of those who were then reclaimed sincere souls, sincere people."
This publication and its own Azure syamidesyatsigoddya Valentin did not live exactly 10 months.

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