Why Belarus Russian missiles?

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Belarus will receive discounted prices Russian missile complexes "Iskander" — said this representative of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus Mikhail Puzikov.
Missile complex "Iskander" has a range of 200 km lesions may carry cassette, shrapnel and high-explosive warhead. The reaction of the West is not running it can be acute.
Question our listener:
Volyus, Gomel: "I wish to ask why Belarus Russian rocket. What a small territory in Russia? Or will again indulge militant Russian actions? No — the role of Belarus in warlike games of, which are contrary to the security of Belarus and its independence."
Up commented deputy chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Vladimir Nistuk:
Nistuk: "Since the listener can agree that the terrain of Belarus are very strong military units. But this is not the missile. Last rocket gone from Belarus in 1996.
Currently there are only a portion of which link with underwater Fleet and provide exploration rockets from different points of the Earth.
These two sites are very unsafe. Possible opponent RF considers these objects priority for destruction. Because there must come a time, so it pytane ventured so: on the ground in Belarus must be military objects belonging our country . "
Tender for the supply of equipment for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant will be announced before the end 2008. Said this on November 15, Deputy Director of the company "BelNDPIenergapram" Vladimir Bobrov.
Timothy of Chaussy district to number 391-22-24 sent us a text message:
"I protest against the construction of nuclear power plants. This is a common threat to the health and the lives of my kids and grandkids. In our village, and so 5 curies per square kilometer, and a reddish Polyana site just 15 km away. But authorities to healthy people no the case. "
We extend the program from such calls:
Ivan Nelukashov: "The answer to the question of the week: it must do Belarusians could travel freely in the EU. Must comply with the principles of the structure, to observe precisely twelve requirements.
But the performance of their lost power Lukashenko and his entourage — well, will have to answer for municipal crime. But Belarusians to travel to the European Union, it is necessary to become Europeans themselves, but without the current management. "
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On present day I accept the transfer on your own digital receiver at any time of when translated Belarusian service of Radio Liberty. Lord, buy solid receivers and work neatly, all you’ll hear. "

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