Why in Minsk kids give extra help, and in the province — not?

Soligorsk young moms resent the fact that the construction of the Ice Palace in the city budget money is, and to help children — no. In the capital, the local authorities, they say, in addition to assistance in kazhdomesyachnoy 120 thousand wasting more 60 thousand young mothers. These funds are popularly referred to as "pampersnymi," says Natalia, that has four-sibling ::
"It’s the mayor’s office of Minsk, is a personal decision-chairman of the Minsk Misha Pavlov. Additional 60 thousand rubles — this is an excellent means for young mothers. Just on pampersy enough. "
Employee of targeted assistance of the Labour and Social Protection of Minsk City Executive Committee explained:
"This is an additional payment from the state budget in the amount of the difference between the budget and the amount of subsistence allowance for the kid. At the moment it is 64 980 rubles, from November 1, increased slightly. Upon application principle need to submit the documents."
Soligorsk where city-forming enterprises "Belaruskali", gives a lot to the city budget, such assistance is no ladies. Learn why, for example, in the city budget are funds for the construction of the Ice Palace, and to help young mothers — no, we did not. Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Soligorsky on social issues Anatoly Kazakevitch said subsequent:
"I do not know, or you are with the Freedom of the" People’s Will. "Sorry, but I’m on the phone in questions from the mass disk imaging do not answer. Doskorogo goodbye. "
An employee of the capital of targeted social assistance explained:
"It is only at the expense of the local budget, at the expense of the City Committee. Because here heavily appeal, why not in the areas. In areas naturally more modest budget, because the administration is not going to city executive committees such step."
But not just that extra "pampersnuyu" help get the capital, says the young mother Olga:
"To receive it, the lady must itself, so to speak, come and ask her. Collect a whole pile of any references, starting with help from work, take proof of residence, number of family members and so on … In short, it takes a day or three ordinary. Later to write an application, and that I personally still amazed, in order to get this help, you need to open an account in "Belarusbank" but specifically for this particular branch, which, for example, is to me very far. But, of course, many go for it, as it is almost half the assistance that you get at the kid. "

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