Why KVN not joking about the president

Journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" Natalia Krivets, who has written about Belarusian kaveenschikov, recalls one of the last political jokes:
Kryvets: "It was funny stories, but this ridiculous story for the first time sounded like a joke KVN team" Sometimes and worse, "in which he played Vadik Galygin. Voice He says the president on the phone:" Good, bad, excellent, bad, bad, bad … "Later, so covering tube hand:" Well there is a need! Without me can not enumerate and potatoes! "
Currently such jokes in the Belarusian KVN will not hear: in an interview joyful and resourceful explain: Managing countries no longer give cause for jokes. Natalya Kryvets the views of another: political jokes have become uninteresting for Belarusians — a society tired of politics. Even if people do not have enough bread to compensate his spectacles. Because KVN reincarnated first in veselitelnoe show.
Managing youth public organizations "Belarusian KVN" Andrew Mukovozchik looks at "joyful and resourceful" extensive, he does not like the term "show" — he says, it is very narrow scope. Drink in Belarus for 20 years of its existence has become a cultural phenomenon. Some people like it, some do not, but KVN as before and will need to live forever, I’m sure the emperor Mukovozchik. There is a beautiful opportunity for a young person to realize a variety of opportunities.
Mukovozchik: "In the KVN may themselves embody director, screenwriter, producer, director, administrator, actor, singer, eccentric dancer.’s Range, which draws a KVN naturally digest and outputs in the form of another team."
Disclosed in KVN capabilities allow good money. But usually not in Belarus. Because kaveenschikov go to Russia or Ukraine — there is a market, and means and the real show business.
Kryvets: "Jokes are means, and great writers on the earn. Eventually, when a person decides to associate themselves with this case, it goes further — he writes scripts for the TV series, he goes to some big film companies, to eliminate these serials. And all, it stays in business. "
So kaveenschikov known Leonid Kuprido Vyacheslav Murugan wrote virtually all Russian script sitcom "Fighters". Vadim Galygin constantly lives in Moscow and arrives in Minsk when then cook the next issues of "Kamedi-Club."
And yet, political jokes Belarusian "joyful and resourceful" remain in the memory of the fans of this genre.
Mukovozchik: "There was such a great genre: Belarus is located between Poland and Russia, Belarus and the Russian Federation if bowing before leaving Poland is awkward."
• first state channel refused the services of Club joyful and resourceful, 7.10.2005

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