Why make a film about Grodno Mogilev?

Nezvychaynasts that the Red Army was deprotected Mogilev in 1941 by German troops, and on the Neman — farsiravanne Dnieper, while in October July filmuyuts action. It turns out that in Mogilev no "nature." The tape is called "Dnipro limit", the script was written playwright Alexei Dudarev.
Reporter: "Studio" BelarusFilm "made for himself in the film set in the ancient town of Grodno on the street. Telman on the corner with Gorodnichanskaya between regional police and the KGB."

Reporter: "Do you realize that the movie is not about Grodno and Mogilev about?"

Yes, I did a guest from Moscow …
"Yes, I did a guest from Moscow, and I was so curious to look at zenitku. I do not know about the laws of the film industry, if they are so convenient, why not? I generally thought that can be removed and Moscow, the building itself could be anywhere. "
Reporter: "At night, on the set of military equipment left: under the windows of the duty of the police is worth antiaircraft gun, sandbagged and drawers, and it kind of signboard at the moment read:" Stop! It exhibits not to approach and do not touch. "Near double machine. Brought here now even German bike and a field kitchen. Brief from filming technique dumped here, under the protection of the police, we can say. By the way of the police structure disappeared signboard, written at the moment that it is a school, but the sign remained on the KGB.
I see a lorry driver washes his hands. Tell me, what is your name? "
Driver: "Victor".
Reporter: "It has long been driving military vehicles?"
Driver: "All my life, May 30 years working in the studio."
Reporter: "Tell me, your armored car ride or not?"
Driver: "All go, I’m on all the machines."
Reporter: "A German tank has brought to the town."
Chauffeur "This is done Borisov to order with BTR-and there was such we previously. On the move it. And I when the driver, it is already tanker and the pilot. In the movie, universal all people we have. "
Reporter: "And there was a man in the German pilettsy. Piletka You tankista German."
Man: "You will be able to measure, here."
Reporter: "I need a large size."
Man: "Well, of course, Hair. On my head the size of such a pretty. A tank hijacked. I do not go on it, just go next door."
Reporter: "The small wonder that there remove Mogilev. There is a movie you can not shoot? "
Another: "No, there is no such of old houses, there is not already. We found everywhere in Mogilev there is none such as old town in Grodno. So we decided to shoot here. "
Reporter: "Good evening, you’re probably not the first time came to look at the shooting?"
Man: "Not the first, then at least the twentieth time. Thus, it is curious that a movie being filmed.
Reporter: "And you do not understand that there deprotected Mogilev? "
Lady: "Oh than readsbe when shooting movies in Leningrad on the capture of Berlin. "
Reporter: "Are not you struck?"
Lady: "It’s a pity that the old areas are destroyed, but it is on the conscience of officials."
Reporter: "At the side of the police house in Art Nouveau style, the sign changed: it says" City clinic. "As you know, this site occurs mainly shooting division headquarters here, infirmary,

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