Why most of the states of the Non-Aligned Movement is not supported in the United Nations, Belarus?

Adoption of a resolution condemning Belarus rights violations man "has no legal or political grounds," — said today at a briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov.
Foreign Ministry official dealer drew attention that the adoption of a resolution voted minority member states of the UN.
"This demonstrates the reluctance of the majority of UN member states to participate in clarifying the relationship with our state, that push through some of the country using, among other, and human rights issue, "- said Andrei Popov.
In support of the resolution voted 68 countries, 32 were against and 76 countries abstained. Document, but shall be adopted as gave him more votes than against.
Political scientist Andrei Fedorov notes that the legal viewpoint resolution one hundred percent compliance with the regulations of the Third Committee:
"There are surprisingly different — our friends from the Non-Aligned Movement in the majority have opposed the resolution. Their more than 100 members of the movement, and only 30 voted against. And here you begin to think — or indeed in Belarus is a strong friendship with these countries? "
Gomel Institute representative does not think in Belarusian, 22.11.2007 UN condemned the Belarus situation human rights, 21.11.2007

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