Why sanctions against Belneftekhim introduced specifically at the moment?

According to analysts, the economic sanctions would lead to significant losses for Belarusian economy and inflict additional harm international reputation Belarus. Sanctions send a signal Belarus is potentially bad old vkladyvatelnym direction. This is especially important at the moment, when the Belarusian authorities are trying to attract foreign investors.
But overall concern that sanctions usually affect people in the name of whose rights they are introduced. Isolation policy states, which violated human rights, and deterioration in their economic status, based on the opening of trade, just might lead to deterioration of the upcoming human rights situation.
Another bad nuance sanctions that they underplay the importance of multilateral cooperation with Belarus, which is often difficult to achieve. For example, in Europe before This time lasts for discussion: it would be better to isolate the Belarusian regime with its violations or offer him cooperation, demonstrating officials best standards of governance.
Yet, views on supporters of sanctions, then that the Belarusian the problem is put in the center of international attention, the regime is condemned, and his opponents have repressed emotional support — all this is crucial for the prevention of impending deterioration of the human rights.
Skeptics believe that the financial support of in a position to do any stupid U.S. economic sanctions and even more push Belarus in the sphere of impact eastern neighbor. But it should be noted that sanctions against Belneftekhim introduced at the time when the power of, the main ally of Belarus, are very concerned about the internal electoral issues to deal with issues or to support Belarusian harsh actions in response to the U.S. sanctions on the part of Belarus.
U.S. stress that Belneftehim — this is not the last step of America. Imposing sanctions against Belneftekhim USA noted that will increase pressure on the Belarusian authorities, to be release political prisoners and to make certain other steps towards democratization.
U.S. gives to understand that just is not enough to break up the demonstration, and the Belarusian authorities expected normalization of the democratic process in the country, and not only the preservation of the authoritarian status quo.

In 2006, the United States drew up a list of persons whose personal account — if will be found — must be frozen. The list — Alexander Lukashenko and nine senior officials of his entourage. In February 2007 were added to the list of 6 more people and at the moment it employs 16 persons.

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