Why the opposition fall into extreme situations?

The other day, a young activist elections Artur Finkevich private car vorachivalsya of Grodno, where staff by "Young Front" open a discussion upcoming protest rally on October Square. On the highway under Shchuchin suddenly fell off the wheel, the car passed a road, he turned over three times. But Finkievich and passengers miraculously remained alive — only got a scratch. Arthur believes that this was a diversion, because the other day the car repaired and he beheld as bolted wheel.
Or could not turn round itself? Last avtaslesar Oleg Migilevich itself does not exclude.
"Such cases indefinitely. Simply could not tighten the bolts have forgotten pinch. Eventually one bolt unscrewed itself begins, followed by the second, and so all depart. With me on the" Lada "is there, but it has not reached before the tragedy. I heard a knock and braked, spun. "
But activist Alexei Kavalets, which since 2006 accompanies favorite movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich traveling across the country, recalls another case. He disagrees with the fact that in their car bolts on the front wheel turned "themselves."
"It was here in this year. Went to the tribunal over Vitebsk activist Catherine Solovevoj, which is expelled from the institute. Went early in the car had a lot of people on the road quickly and heard that there is something loose. Went out to look, and all bolts paadkruchvanyya. Meanwhile, even in the evening the other day on this car drove by and everything was fine. Naturally, deliberately unscrewed, what else? "
Begin to touch version. For example: Is not ordinary thieves could NIGHT MODE to remove the wheel, just to steal, but something vosprepyadstvovalo and they fled, leaving the bolts loosened? "Naturally, could!" — Alex laughs Kavalets and upcoming listing of facts makes silly argument: "And the same ordinary hooligans for some reason we often pierce tires, pour paint car windows, throw eggs when Milinkevich meets with people."
"If then in Pinsk this varmint threw an egg at him, then got exactly the temple. Impact was very strong, Milinkevich could lose consciousness, but he pretended that nothing had happened and continued performance. Policemen and those taken aback."
By the way, activists Staff Milinkevich rushed to catch the bully, but the local riot police detained them themselves, and bully the meantime disappeared.
Last political prisoner Paul Seviarynets during his first stay in a private prison in Volodarskogo in 1998 ascertained, as it states that the government is capable of anything. Activist then blamed obstructing official concert on day union between Belarus and Russia. It "shining" and even malicious, but only just hooliganism. And suddenly came to Sevyarinets Investigator — started talking about the rape charge.
"From the beginning it was all a lie. But the investigator began to seriously threaten this article about 15 or 18 years bullpen, read, say, you know what happens to those who are convicted for it, we will take care. Their goal was to break me . the way, thanks to this test I believe in God and therefore Makar, grateful for his prison institutions. "
Such provocations were repeated while serving Sevyarynets "chemistry" in the village of Little Sitna that the north of Belarus. Currently Paul knows opposition in Belarus can delay at any moment and with the indescribable reason.
"For that long?" — "You look like someone who stabbed a knife passer." Or: "You look like someone who has climbed in the window and stole something." It seems that this little provocation, but they fall under the criminal act because the police who make them, abuse of official position when engaged in such lies. "
Or law enforcement officers are responsible for provocations against the opposition?
Alexander Skrabets also could tell the story of a car wheel of his brother, the former deputy Skrabets, which came off during a trip to meet with voters. Neither earlier nor later itself with this car did not happen. But he has a history far more extreme. And his brother accused of trying to bribe the referee, later condemned by Sergei got two and a half years in prison, Alexander punished with probation. Testified about trying bribery brothers Skrebtsov last a prosecutor who was the mediator Tipo. Skrebtsov believe — for the award of the authorities released him from liability.
"At the trial showed a video very funny. This past procuracy official says, that gave him 20 thousand. Sergei goes out and brings him 20 thousand rubles for vodka etc.. Outraged That why rubles? Funny. And it showed in the Supreme Court. "
Social circle brings us back to the filaments in the cars turned away politicians. With favorite UCP Anatoly Lebedko this happened twice. A year earlier — a joint mission with the head of the PBC Sergei Kalyakin, and before that, when checked by private car from home. "In a small rate suddenly fell one by one on the wheel bolts — how to cut," — says Anatoly Lebedko. When was the defective part, why the other three wheels to ride this? — Surprising politician.
"This is happening with us, but why? Certainly, in our country is an abnormal situation, which forces to think about something else …"

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