Wikipedia has erased an article about an American gulag and famine

The free encyclopedia "Wikipedia" has removed the article of the Russian researcher, which is dedicated to assessing U.S. casualties as a result of the Great Depression of 1932-33.

In its submission researcher has touched really "hot" topic — estimates of the number of victims of America's Great Depression, than, apparently, and caused such a strong reaction moderators "Wikipedia" and the activity of the Russian-speaking bloggers. Based on the analysis of statistical data, Boris Borisov, in his article "Famine-up" estimated the number of victims of the financial crisis in the U.S. in more than 7 million people — and for the first time directly compared the incident to the United States in 1932-33 with starvation in the Soviet Union 1932-33 — x.

In his article, Borisov used the official data of the American Statistical Office. After considering the population of the United States, the dynamics of births and deaths, immigration and emigration, the author comes to a disappointing conclusion: for the famine of 1932-33 dollars were missing more than 7 million lives.

"According to U.S. statistics, in the decade from 1931 to 1940, the dynamics of growth of the U.S. population does not lose many as 8,553,000 people, with growth rates of population change at once, simultaneously, in two (!) Times exactly at the turn of 1930 / '31, fall and freeze at this level for exactly ten years … No explanation for this in the vast, hundreds of pages, the text of the report of the American US Department of commerce «Statistical Abstract of the United States» not found "- the author notes.

However, the researcher corrects for population movement: "In just 30 years left the country at 93,309 people, more than came into it, and a decade earlier came to the country further 2,960,782 people. Well, correct the figure of the general U.S. population losses in the thirties to 3,054 thousand people. "

At the same time, considering the period of the Great Depression, the author notes a surprising similarity with what happened in the 30 years of the USSR. He even introduced to the United States, the term "defarming" as an analogue of the Soviet "dispossession."

"Few people know … about five million American farmers (about a million families) in exactly the same time, banks evicted from their lands for debt, but not backed by the U.S. government nor the land, no work, no social support, no old-age pension — nothing," — the article says.

"Every sixth American farmer hit by famine rink. People were going nowhere, deprived of their land, money, his native home, property — in the throes of mass unemployment, hunger and the rage unknown gang. "

What happened in those years with American society shows great film "King Kong" director Peter Jackson. The first images tapes narrate the period of the Great Depression and tells the story of an actress who has not eaten for three days and trying to steal an apple from the tray. The food in there, but in total unemployment-ridden New York City, people have no money to buy it. When filled with colorful shops and pastry display cases and butcher shops, people are starving in the streets is elementary.

(Collapse) And, at the same time, the U.S. government is getting rid of the excess food that traders could not sell. You can not violate the laws of the market — something that is not purchased, the excess, to distribute it to the starving, then strike in the business. Food, as noted by Borisov, destroyed "diverse and in a big way: grain and simply burned and sank in the ocean. So, for example, was destroyed 6.5 million pigs and 10 million hectares of plowed land with the crop. "

The consequences of such actions were regularity, the author of the article. "That's true memories about these children's," We replaced our usual favorite food at a more affordable … instead we used the cabbage leaves of bushes, eating frogs … died within a month my mother and sister … »(Jack Griffin)»

The salvation of the huge number of unemployed and landless Americans have become so-called "public works", which brought President Roosevelt. However, and this salvation has been very elusive, says in his work, Boris Borisov. Conducted under the auspices of the Public Works Administration (PWA) and the administration rabotCivil Civil Works Administration — NEA work consisted in the construction of canals, roads, bridges, often uninhabited and swampy malarial areas. At such a time the works were occupied by up to 3.3 million people, just as through the American system of "public works" has passed 8.5 million people — "this is not counting the prisoners," said Borisov-

"The conditions and mortality in these studies still need to be careful researcher," — the author notes, resulting, however, is quite revealing moment, "and from $ 30 in nominal wages [participant" public works "] mandatory deductions were $ 25. Five dollars for a month of hard labor in a malarial swamp. " In fact, people were working for food in conditions comparable to Stalin's gulag — it is difficult to convert into U.S. payroll Gulag prisoner 30-40 years, but apparently it was comparable to the evaluation of the work of the American "trudrabotnika."

"Almost demonic similarities Public Works Administration (PWA) to give more of the Gulag and that's what. Administration of the Public Works headed by a kind of "American Beria" — Minister of Interior Mr. Ickes, who since 1932 has concluded in the camps for the unemployed youth of about two million people, "- writes Borisov. — "The same Harold LeClair Ickes (Ickes, Harold LeClair) (1874-1952) [who later] with lightning speed, in cooperation with the Army, U.S. ethnic Japanese interned in concentration camps. (1941/42 year). The first phase of the operation took just 72 hours. " "In total, it is estimated that in 1940 the population of the United States, and same demographic trends, should have been at least 141.856 million people — the author writes articles on. -In fact, the country's population in 1940 was only 131.409 million, of which only 3,054 million explained by the changes in the dynamics of migration. So, 7,394,000 people as of 1940 are simply not available. No official explanation about there. "

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