Will change if indispensable volunteer insurance savings?

Is it possible to insure against "antisocial" behavior?
2007 already clouded growth factor in the severity of the consequences result of road accidents. The death toll in a ratio of 100 victims has grown from 14.7 to 15.4. And in the Minsk region, this figure is even higher — as much as 20 died of injuries per one hundred square meters of road accident victims.
Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Association of professionals and insurers transport Yuri Vazhnik background growth sees itself not only in the received "nods" the rapid growth of the fleet, and in "antisocial behavior" on the road:
"In almost all cases povinet, naturally the driver, his mistakes as an operator. Trivial person can just" miss "can not concentrate trivial. This is one big part. Very often it is provoke some prepyadstviya road. While others are more part, while in Belarus it is more than a third — is antisocial behavior. Behavior that generally can not be considered normal. This inebriated state without rights management, or more frequent escapes from the scene (the first 8 months of 2007, every eighth driver blame for the accident — more than 600 people — disappeared from the place.) Here are the main causes of accidents, which are solved in the interaction with insurance companies, courts, etc. "
Although facilitate spiritual anguish bereaved relatives disastrously virtually impossible, but real support in a difficult moment designed branch dealing with insurance cases civilian responsibility.
Do I need to pay to those killed in road accidents?
Belarus indispensable owners insurance mc includes three types of contracts. In 1-x, it is a contract of internal security, which operates in the areas of Belarus and which enveloped all motorists. In-2, border security contract for non-citizens of Belarus, follow from abroad. B-3, the contract of insurance "Greenish card" — for the people of the country, leaving the country on their own cars. The agreement is valid for 44 countries and areas immediately can say with Belarusian car numbers for the country’s borders without "greenish card" will not be released.
Can qualify for insurance payments relatives of those killed or injured as a result of accidents, both in Belarus and abroad? On the question of security meets spec transport enterprise "Belgosstrakh" Ira Dovnar:
"Fact, that insures civilians responsible owner, if it will cause damage to your vehicle. And if found guilty driver killed in the accident, also hurt people in his car, only passengers will be compensated for the life and health, for the civil liability. Since his civvies responsibility was insured, he has harmed, including people who were in the car — his vehicle’s own inattention.
And if he killed the chauffeur was not immune to the ill-fated cases, then his family will get nothing. If he is a victim — of course, under the policy will pay the culprit. And, of course, get those people affected in the other car. But such incidents have volunteer insurance unfortunate cases of drivers and passengers, it is a separate species. If a person casco insures your car, we still want to offer the driver and passenger insurance. "
With "greenish card" you can make a tragedy anywhere?
Casco — the very popular volunteer car insurance. The yearly amount of insurance payments made up regardless of the list of insurance claims, it is brand new or used car, etc. On average, the amount starts from 350-400 bucks a year and involves compensation for repairs paslyaavaryyny also pay for its damage or theft.
Avtokasko may extend to areas of other states, but the policyholder when applying in writing shall specify those countries. Than list them more even more so significantly adjusted price. But if the tragedy at fault driver Belarusian happen in Lithuania and Avtokasko only on the ground of Belarus, the insurance company will not pay on the grounds that the statement was not indicated Lithuania. Because as stated my companion Ira Dovnar best guarantee here "Greenish card":
"The main use service passenger cars: 15 days cost 30 euros. For the month — 50 euro. This is all countries. And we have room rates separately for Ukraine and Moldova. When checking out the rest, which is more in the summer there, so people were not expensive, developed different rates, they are much smaller. Also provided "Greenish card", but open only these countries. For the car for 15 days worth 5 euros a month — 10. "
Reporter: "And as to the amounts of insurance payments?"
"The sum insured under the insurance contract" Greenish card "is determined by the limit of the country scene. Other words, each country has its own set limit of liability. Somewhere it without restrictions, as in Western Europe and in Ukraine — 2, 5 thousand bucks. And there where the accident happened to the role of our citizens who povinet, we will be responsible to pay for this policy — the laws of the country and in a certain amount. Map are equally worth for each country — paid 30 euros and you can get in an accident while in each country. everywhere But we will pay for their own limit. "
According to the Ministry of money for the first half of 2007, 23 insurance companies of Belarus having the right to provide the associated services, collectively received contributions from insurance contracts over 300 billion rubles (fraction "Belgosstrakh" in the total — 177 billion). Insurance reimbursement amounted to slightly more than half of the collected — 155 billion rubles. With all of this in the structure of insurance payments on the share of voluntary types of insurance there are only 33%.

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