Will Obama to bomb Detroit?


How quickly the world changes, sometimes it seems that this is happening even faster than we age. More recently, President George W. Bush called rogue states Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Since then, it took a bit of time, but the U.S. has managed to take on too much.

Constant war and disregard for international law antagonized the United States is all. It seems that there is no person on earth who would be applied to the United States with respect. Even those whom the U.S. "pay cash", bringing money in bags, take the money, but hate Americans. It seems that sometimes the leaders of some countries are taking money from the U.S. because of fear. Give them to take the bags of money, tomorrow you can lose everything, and even their lives.

In fact, the calculation is simple: do not take money from us, then thought of otherwise. U.S. bribes knit people like bandits knit each other by blood. Killed a man — and for the law of the jurisdiction you, then do not go and not incorporated. So with the money: take — so do not wriggle. For information about your "money exploits" will always be fused, and yet the laws of many countries — this is high treason, and shines here quite long enough, and in some countries — is podrasstrelnaya article. So there is not much povykabluchivaeshsya.

Just started a new political season is marked by a brilliant joke Stephen Colbert, who said, that if we are concerned that someone is shooting at people, then we should invade Chicago. The author of this article is already quite seriously said that the U.S. would have more to pay attention to domestic issues. For example, the position of U.S. citizens in Detroit just awful. It's a Hollywood hell. There is no law and human life is not worth anything at all.

Is it worth the president of the United States in connection with the bomb Detroit? To restore order in their own country — a black president does not need to have the mandate of the UN Security Council, Russia and blame the opposition, in this case there is no possibility. However, in order to put Detroit because no one wants. Does this mean then, that trying to protect the lives of the people in Syria, at the same time, the U.S. president is not care for its own citizens?

Question, it must be said, is not idle for the rest of America. The Mayor of the City of New York is constantly trumpeting a decrease in crime over the years of his reign bezvylazno. During this time, he put on weight in the financial sense to 4 times, and police in the city just stops registering offenses, statistics, of course, because it shows a positive trend, but people do not live on the better. Last week, on the night between Saturday and Sunday, as a result of gunshot in Brooklyn, three people were killed, among them — a child of three years. The boy was killed because he had spoken with his father a man pulled out a gun and fired. As a result, miss a bullet hit the child. Later, the child died in the hospital, a bullet hit him in the head.

What kind of conversation is and who these people walking around at night in Brooklyn at the beginning of the third night with the kids, you can only imagine, but that it leads to such results, it is absolutely awful reality of a country that is increasingly turning into a dump moral monsters. Why not here to clean up? For this purpose, there is no need to show off twenty, take and play.

And anyway, what is the Congress so that permits such a situation in a country where jobs simply do not have, and to the same extent, people are homeless as well as dogs? What is this Senate, I ask you, where the life of its citizens is negligible, and the desire to bomb and spend money so great that the Republican leader immediately spoke "for pobombit?"

What cynicism should have the citizens of this country who shake their fists in anger over the fact that someone has to defend his country against their ill will arrange "all of your"? The whole world can see — what is "his" lead. What should be a democracy, to call the murders for its own sake, it's a kind of totalitarian sect!

Neither Hitler nor Pinochet, nor anybody else, never for himself did not call to kill someone. War is always a great place for an idea. In modern America, the idea is not. There is a desire to continue to plunder the rest of the nations of the world. We Americans are those who claim themselves the right flank of humanity, we invite you to bomb it is the humanity here and there. And what, after all, we have a president who knows firsthand the difficulties of the black population, but prefers to these very difficult not to see?

We — the country of the shame and disgrace. We — the country of degrading humiliation. We — the country of death, which draws all of humanity. We are a country — a black hole that draws in the money of the world. We — the country of the vampire, we — the country-Ghoul. In all of this, we are white and fluffy, with Hollywood smiles and rubber portselanovymi teeth. We — the country of the poster. Is it any wonder that the poster is losing its relevance? Are new to the boards of the country, but we do not like this situation, and where can we grind on the heads of those who climbs up, and where we can not, we just these heads cut off, as do the Syrian rebels on our wonderful evergreen money .

Do not think that all ustakanilos, everything is organized, everything will work out. Outrage around the world because of our politics, because of our president, because of our Speaker of the House of Representatives, and many more who just every second. Every day in some country people return home exhausted, bringing a pittance to their families, because some polished uncle somewhere overseas, introduces any sanctions, and bankrupt some production, and sometimes whole country, and no one with him for not asking. Not only is it — the investor and beloved people. But these non-recurring investments, and pumping blood out of a population then continue for at one human life.

The reader may think that the author of this article — an idealist, or even a communist? Not at all. The author, of course — the realist and the fact that you are reading this article, the author observed over the years and in different countries. Most striking innocent eyes small and hungry beggar children who marvel that why they came into this world. This is called life? That's what people are fighting happiness, not sparing his stomach? Maybe this is God's punishment to the next generation — for the sins of the previous one? In such a case, where is the justice?

How did these horrible look burnished faces who cynically grieve the death of Syrian children from suffocating gas. Lord, it was you — eaters children are financing these bastards who bully kids! It you are planning new bombing those who are still alive. You already largely succeeded. In just one week you managed to kill about half a thousand of innocent creatures. Percentage of them were Isaac Newton and Louis Armstrong, Charlie Chaplin and Marlon Brando, Indira Gandhi and Konstantin Simonov and there were all those who were our future. You're killing the future of our planet in the name of himself, and in fact — in the name of the past. Previously, it was possible to hide, now the whole world can see your underwear.

British Prime Minister suddenly took offense at the fact that someone allegedly called the UK a small island that has no effect on the current events in the world. Retort was simply stunning. British Prime Minister rushed to defend their "island of bad luck," Well, yes, and God would have it. However, as the argument — he declared victory over German fascism. Lee said the British prime minister the truth? Yes, but not all! First, it must be said that the UK is really fighting the Nazis, but if not Russian, Hitler would ground the Britons fail. This is — one part of the story. But what, in fact, more important in this case — that the greatest crime in the world still was creating England itself. That is, in fact, in the struggle against fascism that meant only one thing: Do not you dare to kill and rob — it is our right! We know how to do it better, and we have more experience!

America is very much borrowed from the UK and U.S. problems today — is in many ways a bad heredity of British society. If England is coming from the stage of history, it is quite natural, and the fate of the United States. Some diseases cause a result. If the U.S. thinks that because of Syria they managed to jump off the topic of financial expanded representation of the BRICS countries in the IMF, it just seems like it.

The head of the IMF, however, pierced in full. At first, she claimed to doubt the results of the IMF: "On the contrary, the results are, and even now there is a question about how to gradually reduce them to remain positive results, and, thus, there are no negative consequences that we can not cope . " That is, the results are so good that it can lead to bad consequences. As the saying goes: if there is bullshit, it must itself be Sivaya mare. In this case a long time to find it was not necessary.

We live in difficult times, when the truth is called a lie, when broken to bits and that drove unbeaten. Our world has ceased to be what God made him, he perverted by alien influences greasy fingers of those who consider themselves the most pure and nobly. However, these people and these societies — clearly degraded. With continued global warming and the degradation of society, a follower of Mr Cameron might be controlled by some green island with pretty white monkeys, and one of them, of course, will dignify — "Her Royal Highness".


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