Will the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble?

Spokesman for the State Bank Misha Zhuravovich said now, "Freedom", that "the global monetary crisis is only partly affected Belarus’:
"The crisis in Russia has led to the fact that Russian non-resident banks, and their lot in Belarus, began to give less currency in our domestic market. This applies, for example, VTB Belrosbank, Belgazprombank and some others. And if they had previously imported currency to us from Russia, at the moment obliged to take her inside Belarus.’s the only way we raised money crisis.
In-2-September — it’s the end of the third quarter, when more evident seasonality. Begins preparation for the heating season, and a lot of currency needed to purchase energoelementov.
In addition, at the end of the quarter, our banks are calculated for loans that they took zabugornyh banks. "
Sovereign Zhuravovich states: the country’s banks can not react to what’s happening around Belarus:
"And the next event, which is a bit associated with the global financial crisis. Belarusian banks began to create a" safety cushion "to maintain its liquidity. Other words, that they have had the resources to serve their own customers. Euro, as we know, is staggering. And banks make their own in store.
But in general, I’m told, the application for the Belarusian Stock Exchange made money. For this particular State Bank relocated there reserves to meet the demand of all customers. The official exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble remains within the corridor, which defines the main directions of development of the country. And present day Belarus Ruble thereby only strengthened. "
Managing analytical Fund Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk said that the State Bank should begin devaluation of the Belarusian ruble. In another threat comes defeat gold reserves:
"National Bank has a policy of stabilization of the Belarusian ruble, avoid devaluation. But those preconditions that led to a reduction in reserves, have not gone away. Instead, they will be even more intense. ‘Cause I think that the threat of what happened in Ukraine, where the hryvnia depreciated over 30%, we have a very, very significant.
National Bank is well aware. But since there is a corridor outlined a five-year and other plans, it often politicize their decisions. "
During yesterday’s visit to the KGB Alexander Lukashenko asked the question: "Who was right: Lukashenka’s own security policy orientation of the economy and the normal pattern of development or those leaders who call themselves marketeers?" The Head of State also added now The world can be purchased for pennies excellent modern enterprise.
Yaroslav Romanchuk identify themselves as liberals marketeers. A question on the head of state, he answers:

"To acquire the company, first You need to have money. A Belarus for 15 years the policy of socialization of the economy has earned nothing. Because if you look like the Belarusian capital acts on the external markets, we have a little there, one ten thousandth share.
Because, unfortunately, we can not expect that the reduced property prices, the assets will facilitate the expansion of the Belarusian capital. We have, as you know, all eaten through. "

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