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At the Municipal register of state lyatarey recorded more than 30 different kinds of lottery. More popular and profitable — "National Sports Lotteries", which manages Vladislav Pyatkevich, and "Belarusian lottery." Both are subject to the Office of Presidential Affairs. And now all Belarusian TV channels, newspapers, advertising the latest universamy filled, or rather, already forgotten since the USSR game "Sportlyato 5 out of 36." Highly lucrative lottery business decided to take the Presidential Sports Club, which is headed by the head of the country’s youngest son Dmitry Lukashenko.
The game kicks off on October 12 at the First state television in prime time — at 20.45. Lotteries will be held twice a week — on Wednesdays and Sundays. Discounts apply for the game for free. At least you can make one bet on one drawing (2,5 thousand rubles). It may very well immediately fill eight fields and find the 8 drawings — and this coupon is already over 160 thousand rubles, will play for a month. In other words, do not take a lot of tickets, as in "Superlyato." In 12 towns of the country have already installed 300 electric terminals. Before the year 1000 will be in Belarus terminals. Three years later — 5 times more. Head of Commercial Department "Sports betting" Natalia Lysenkava is responsible for:
"The investment we have quite significant — about 20 million dollars to start. Obviously this is not the entire investment. First — it costs for technology, for a license, free transfer terminals at the point of sale. We are investing huge resources in marketing strategy. Planned the construction of its television studio. "
On the scale of the modern game and its importance is evidenced by the presentation, which was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov, Chairman 2-television — Senator Alexander Zimouski and Yuri Koziyatko, Head of Minsk City Executive Committee Misha Pavlov (He — Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Sports Club).

After six months we plan to introduce the game, which is called "Ken" and will be once a day. And this is just the beginning

Head of Commercial Department, JSC "Sports betting" Natalia Lysenkava emphasizes that "Sportlyato" — it is not a lottery and electric game and it’s just the beginning:
"The system allows the introduction of up to 400 different games. Here we entered the market with" Sportlyato 5 of 36 "with both the most affordable and easy game. After six months we plan to introduce the game, which is called" Ken "and will be once a day. And that’s just the beginning. "
Sociologists say lottery fever enveloped every third inhabitant of the country. Political scientist Matskevich believes that the state is very profitable to advertise any kind of lottery and siphon off money from the people:
"It is the nature of our country, our regime. Such corporate regimes, authoritarian regimes — they are very similar to the Mafia. A mafia — it always feels better, where the funds are. And because such hysteria unfolds gambling. Later this economically very adversely on individual people who can become addicted to these games. They begin to spend increasingly and more funds for these lottery begins envy, people begin to lose their heads. Naturally, this does not apply to everyone, but a high-risk group, more disturbed people … "
Psychologist Misha Derakovski states that, so to say, the idea is very vserasprostraneno freebies:
"In 70 percent of the population of this idea is. And the advertising is more massive, offensive, active — the more the people of the 70% of the possible" freeloaders "will be led by her. Especially since that costs are low."
Psychiatrist Igor Sorokin concerned that the Belarusians in the near future are increasingly seen gambling addiction:
"And in my practice were patients with gambling.’s Very hard to get rid of — need to be treated. Built most of these games on ordinary human greed. Everyone seems that it does not carry another lottery, and I must be lucky. A Soviet- Belarusian reality where other ways to get more or less big money does not exist, means —

Very hard to get rid of gambling addiction — need to be treated.

Only with these scams. "
Assistant Chairman of the "President’s Sports Club" Alexander khramulya about the problems of gambling addiction thinks and claims that all proceeds will go to the next game in the Sports:
"People play — they get pleasure from it: the process of the game, from something. And if it is focused on some good work — this is a positive thing."
Misha Derakovski psychologist says that the lower the level of welfare of the society, the more it is aimed at huge prizes. Now "Sportlyato", for example, advertises the possibility of winning the jackpot on a very substantial amount of:
"Freebies more schematic top plan for what the lack of wages, it is not a freebie."
Psychologist convinced exist various "scam" will be until such time as people are motivated sweet word "freebie".

And what people says about all kinds of games and lottery?

Youth"Never won."
Guy"To win a lot of money, of course, hunting …"
Woman"Earlier fascinated at the moment is gone. Tired of playing — no gain."
Prince"Prick. Half funds immediately goes to the organizers. Played just half of the amount."
Mrs."Not that I do not believe, but we tried a few times — no luck."
Guy"I love to play. But won nothing. Maybe lucky. Cousin at one point was lucky — won 250 thousand rubles."
Prince"More than 100 thousand none of your friends did not win."
Mrs."With the government we do not play."
Guy"Means No, we students."
Grandmother"No, I do not play, the pension does not allow to play."
Woman"Our grandmother terribly interested in the lottery, but never win."
Youth"Do not ever won anything."

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