Woman beaten for buying a second pair of iPhone

U.S. police applied to a 44-year-old Lee Ksaozhi stun gun for women trying to buy only the second pair of phones for his family in China.

Trying to buy a Chinese woman Ksaozhi Lee in Massachusetts for more than two iPhone in one hand ended in failure — woman hit stun, knocked to the ground and arrested for disobeying police.

The woman was physically abused as tried to purchase more than two phones in a short period of time. Apple is trying to repress such as this can mean the resale of units.

A resident of Massachusetts Ksaozhi acquired gadgets on Friday — December 7, in the department of Applestore central supermarket — Neshua Mall, Neshua town in New Hampshire. A week later, she returned for two more devices because, according to her, she did not have the opportunity to buy 4 phones at a time.

Right in the store a woman was asked to leave. But because of the language Ksaozhi remained, which is why staff had to call the police. Taken aback when the woman refused to comply, the officers used a Taser.

Her lover and daughter have already reacted to the shocking indtsident.

— This is outrageous! You go to the store to buy a phone, and you were attempting to police. Maybe she broke the rules and Apple, but is this the proper procedure for detention? I do not think so, — commented the victim's boyfriend, John Hugo.

Local police denied the abuse of authority and argues that carefully follow the instructions.

— We have received reports of the purchase and resale of phones from this store. Also in her purse was found a large amount of money — $ 16,000, spokesman for the local police department. — Therefore, in case of failure to come with us, we used the taser. Although it certainly had the right to stay and to get things in the supermarket and, perhaps, to blame her lack of knowledge of the language.

Currently Ksaozhi charged with criminal intent, and resisting arrest. The court hearing is scheduled for January.


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