Wreath Memory: Jora Sysoi

Jora Sysoi was born in 1956 in the area of the village Glusk Pryvaratstse. In Grodno lived 30 years.
We met him about 20 years back. In general, police education he had. He graduated from the Institute of Culture, posted in the regional administration Interior for cultural and educational activities and media relations. Later received a law degree from the Institute of Grodno.
In the first half of the 1990s Jora Sysoi was one of the number of those officials who are truly proud badge with epaulets on his own cap. After the creation of the Belarusian Social Democratic swinger he became one of the most active participants in Grodno organization Hulk.
Remembers her manager, now party Gromada Misha Need:
"Judicious, intelligent, he found the way to us, some time was deputy chairman, I was then chairman. And generally such discussions took place, and I was very pleased with it, that there is someone to shift this burden, we were going to take him to the chairman .
But the situation has changed, and he said that I have yet to stop his party membership. He ended his membership is not as afraid as well as notwhere he wasfor him to continue in connection with his work. "
Police Major headed BSDG party organization — it really was not feasible.
Eleven years ago Jora Sysoi latest newspaper headed "Police Gazette", there were also papers on whiteRussian language, publications devoted to the Belarusian inherited.
But it was not enough, he wrote to police detectives, but — in the Belarusian language. In Minsk came his three novels under one cover — "In the footsteps of the wolf."
Edited a collection of writer Henry Dalidovich, He recalls:
"I once almost life and beheld it, but when I was in Grodno, he went: I’m sorry, well in Belarusian said, here I am such and such. I say, for me it does not matter where you serve, if only prose was.
If a man in uniform and writes in Belarusian, I did — and I basically decent representation of it. And sorry: in principle, it’s still a young man — 51 years old, 10 years younger than me. "
The book "In the footsteps of the wolf" was published in 1999, the creator would love to join the Alliance writers, but the situation was complicated by the organization around, and he did not dare to do so.
However, authorities and made a new alliance also did not enter. Lieutenant Colonel retired Zhora Sysoi continued to edit a newspaper, was killed by a fleeting river. On the third day, 30 November, his otpeli in Grodno Svyatapakrovskim Orthodox Cathedral. Attended not only relatives, policemen, and many journalists.
After the funeral, Deputy Head Editor "a Police Bulletin" Oleg Ivanov Pronunciation:
"Blessed memory Jora Ivanovich was a worker, and fought to the end, until the end of worried about the newspaper. And I think that the best memory of him is likely to be the newspaper."
Journalist Alla Bibikova:
"Very nice people, very good, for 10 years, when we worked together, there was no 1st conflict, misunderstanding. Generous man, nice and bright, we will pray for him."
ZHoru Sysoi buried in the cemetery in the village over the Neman Prygodichy — at home spouses, in the Grodno region.
According to his wife, Nina, and remained two adult kids: Vyacheslav offspring — a police captain, daughter Lena graduated from the Belarusian State University Belarusian philology, currently enrolled in graduate programs in Warsaw.

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