Wreath Memory: Timothy Vostrikovs

Vostrikovs Timothy was born August 28, 1922 in the village Barshchouka Dobrush Gomel region in hardworking farming family. Father Joachim Russian authorities did not recognize and did not come to the farm, for which he was arrested and died in the Gulag.
Fathers-loving spirit was transmitted offspring. Through all his life he wanted to be myself and work only for Belarus. To do this a couple of times was able to get away with what the Russian army, from German captivity, whenever vorachivayas to their village.
But as the front second world war approached his homeland, decided it was better to go to the West than to live for advice.
In Germany Timothy Vostrikovs took for myself illegal named Misha. There he became friends with the eminent figures of Belarusian emigration future director of the Belarusian Institute for Science and Art in New York Vytautas boiling.
The Emperor was boiling recalls:
"We met here and there in 1947, and before 1950 years were very close. First, 1950 he said: "I live in the West do not hunt, I will go to Belarus." And went. He knew what he was talking very consciously chose it, but he wanted do something . "
At the end of August 1952 Timothy Vostrikov as an authorized representative of the Board of the Belarusian People’s Republic of South American aircraft dropped from the terrain of the BSSR.
And 10 days later he was arrested and convicted Russian special services by 23 years in the camps. The verdict left absolutely, returned to his homeland in Gomel in 1975 and until his death was not rehabilitated.
Vytautas seething continues:
"He left me a couple of notes of his own, which will then be posted. Then, and when he had begun to ache, he sent me a card in which wrote that life was lived though not in vain. And I agreed with him" .
Bard and journalist Dmitry Bartosik lived in Gomel in the neighborhood with Timokha Ostrikova. Bartosik said Dmitry life this man not worthy of the 1st adventure movie:
"He said to me anyone that most real South American spy living in the adjacent house? .. In principle, his fate — is a solid cinematic novel … He remains in my mind a person who in the most awful time trying to stay yourself, Belarusians — and Belarusians stay was the hardest at the time — and stayed. "
Timothy remains in memory Vostrikovs fellow Belarusians indestructible.
Says youth activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka:
"For me it will always be a man who fought for Enduring us for our home in an even more difficult time than we live for the moment. For us, the youth, it will always be an example of courage and heroism.’s A pity people and unable to speak at all, and they never have seen the reality of free Belarus ".
Timothy Vostrikovs buried on November 14 Romanovichi village cemetery near Gomel. He was a scion of Ilia.
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