YJ-12 — THE «MYSTERIOUS AND POWERFUL» supersonic anti-ship missiles WORLDWIDE

YJ-12 - THE
September 8, Japanese media said the Chinese H-6 bomber appeared nearby air space land of the rising sun at the island of Miyake (about 100 miles south of Tokyo — approx. «VP»). Media also drew attention to the «unique very long underwing node» (photo lower) the bombers, which can be suspended languid supersonic anti-ship missile YJ-12, which is considered to be the most «mysterious» missile such class in the world.

RCC has four vozduhopoglotitelya for SPVRD (supersonic ramjet engine). It is estimated that after the launch of the rocket climbs steeply where gaining speed to 4M, then crosses at low altitude (15-25 m from the sea surface) cruising at 1.5 M. Range is about 400 km, radar seeker captures target at a distance of 50 km. According to some data, the mass of the rocket is from 2 to 2.5 m, length of the rocket about 7 m

The missile is in service with the fighter-bomber JH-7A «Flying Leopard.» Combat radius of the aircraft is 1650 km, with missiles with a range of up to 400 km is a stark deterrent to the enemy navy. The aircraft can carry only two missiles of this type bomber H-6G can be armed with 4 YJ-12. RCC has a warhead weighing more than 300 kg, some of these missiles can even send an aircraft carrier to the bottom.
South American Resource Strategy Page published an article that YJ-12 significantly increases the ability of anti-PLA Navy and may even be a prerequisite to develop new systems of defense ships. Rocket speed is so high that no matter what the Western defense system is powerless against it.

Experts believe that the introduction of YJ-12 in combination with anti-ship ballistic missiles (PKBR) DF-21D can be very great to overcome missile defense ships, filled with the American system of AEGIS. To build an effective defense against such missiles need to create the laser system of naval defense, but its creation may take a decade, if not more.

English weekly Jane’s Defense Weekly writes that her features aviation RCC YJ-12 surpasses all missiles of this class in the world, including those launched from submarines, surface ships and shore installations. Creating China 2-type massive anti-ship missiles, attacking from low altitudes and space — YJ-12 supersonic and ballistic DF-21D — will force carriers and other large surface ships of the enemy to lead languid defensive battles.

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